Worried About Travis, Could Use Some Prayers/Good Thoughts

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    Travis' polycythemia doesn't stay formost in my mind mostly because he refuses treatment for it and there is nothing I can do about it. So I sort of try to push it to the side and let it go. The disease gave him a stroke at 18 that left him with drooping features on the right side of his face....cognitive isses, and a slew of new neuro issues. Most of those issues have resolved over time except the drooping face.

    Travis gave up on the oncologist down here. And I don't really blame him.
    This disease is out of her experience, and she wasn't helping him, not even really treating him. Just racking up bills we couldn't pay.

    At least the boy was smart and bought the student health insurance. So before he left home I talked him into seeing a doctor up there to have the disease treated properly, along with his seizures. He'd agreed.

    He called me night before last. He couldn't shake being dizzy and his left arm was numb....really numb. I could hear that he was scared in his voice. So I asked him if the clinic on campus was open. Told him to get over there and get checked out. But that if he had any new or worse symptoms to get his fanny to the ER, even if he had to call an ambulance.

    I heard from him just a while ago. Clinic docs (associated with the medication school) told him he was throwing small clots caused by the polycythemia. Not really a whole lot they could do except watch him. Now I dunno if they adviced him to go to hospital and he refused or not.....possible as I'm a bit surprised they didn't want to do something about even small clots.

    He tells me he's better today. I dunno if I believe it or not. He went and put long distance on the apartment phone even though it will cost him money. I'd say the episode scared him.

    The hitch.......he can't be treated by an oncologist without insurance, and he doesn't get his card until next week. I told him to get him an appointment asap and not to dawdle about it.

    Also, while digging out his old IEPs for the disability office....I came across info and such for BSVI who are supposed to help him with college. And they have copies of all of his doctor reports. :) Disability office may help him to get on social security disability. (fingers crossed)

    As far as the polycythemia is concerned, I can't do a thing unless Travis consents and continues to consent for treatment. I'm not even sure he truly understands how serious this disease is although I've attempted to repeatedly explain it to him. But the kid gets frustrated.....and with the doctor down here never able to make up her mind....he got sick of it and went stubborn on me.:faint:

    A prayer, good thoughts, some heavy duty good juju......would be much appreciated. He'd been having concerning symptoms before leaving home...but there was no getting him to see the oncologist here. Going up there would make no difference. So I'm trying to coach him from here while praying he continues to cooperate.

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    Lisa, the medication school/clinic at his college is EXCELLENT. Many of the kids also work locally at the Veterand' Administration office, and in fact some of the docs that teach them did my biopsy in June.

    You have lots of prayers, and I know a lot of people in the area who know people. Happy to help if you need someone teeny with a big mouth and a Marine to bully Travis into going to the oncologist. Heck, I'll bring Onyxx and my friend E who is an EMT and a football ref - 6'3 and close to 300# - if you think it would help.

    HUGS - and let me know!
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    Step I'll let you know, for sure! But if the boy says no, they won't touch him with a ten foot pole. Which is why I'm attempting to convince him how important this is for him to follow thru on.

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    I'm keeping Travis close in my thoughts and prayers... Sending lots of hugs to you too... SFR
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    Sending prayers for Travis and hugs for you.
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    I'm praying he sees the Dr. and it's someone he can trust. Prayers for both of you.
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    Star* call 911........call 911

    look at this -------------> er....down there

    being sent to where ever our Travis is......in boatloads -or however juju is delivered. :angel3: