Worried...Monday Can't Come Fast Enough!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by LoneStar14, Mar 28, 2008.

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    I think you have to accept the fact that a disorder beyond ADHD may be brewing at this point. Your son is displaying depressive symptoms in his anger and oppositional behavior, his wanting to die and his "scratches," which in reality may be cutting. All of his actions are a cry for help.

    I may have missed this in your post, but what's happening on Monday? Is he being evaluated?

    Good parenting techniques and vitamin supplements certainly can't hurt, but your son needs the skilled care of a competent medical professional, notably a child/adolescent psychiatrist. His life may depend on it.
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    On Monday, you should ask the clinical social worker for a referral to a child/adolescent psychiatrist. She should have names for you.

    A neuropsychologist evaluation can follow the psychiatric evaluation. It often takes several months to set one up, and I don't think you should wait that long until he's seen.

    Are you within driving distance of a children's or university teaching hospital? That would also be a place where you would find both psychiatrists and neuropsychologists.
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    It does sound like you are trying to do the right things. But I have to say that in my opinion, your son needs to be evaluated by a doctor. Usually social workers just do therapy and some behavioral strategies. I agree with Small World, that your son's behaviors sound like cries for help. While I don't want to scare you but one of the leading cause of death for teens who are mentally ill (ie depression, bipolar, etc) is suicide.

    in my opinion, your son's cries for help need to be taken very seriously and addressed before they are completely out of control. A neuropscyh can take quite some time. In the interiem, your son needs treatment. The social worker may be able to refer you to a pscyhiatrist. Most social workers will not make a diagnosis on one visit. And in my opinion, a doctor (psychiatritist, psychologist-with a PhD, behavioral pediatrician, etc) needs to make the diagnosis not a social worker.

    Also diagnoses are not set in stone. It's more about appropriate treatment than it is about the labels.

    Good Luck to you!
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    I agree with the others. Sometimes a good psychiatrist can help us see things in a different way. Sometimes we have to rise above our beliefs and what we think we know in order to save our children... I am not saying you are not doing that, but I would seek help as fast as possible for this child. If all else it is not as bad as we think!!!
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    I'm not a big believer in medications unless completely necessary, but I think you should see a psychiatrist for him both for another fresh evaluation and probably medication (not stimulants either). He is obviously suicidal and sounds like he could have a mood disorder. If any sort of mood disorder or substance abuse is on the family tree, those would be big red flags. ADHD does not cause kids to become suicidal. Supplements and parenting plans are good, but they aren't enough with a child who likely has a serious mood problem. I have one myself so I know. I would not be alive now without my medications. This child KNOWS something is wrong with him. Not all kids do. Please get him additional medical help before he starts self-medicating with illegal drugs. (((Hugs)))
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    Lonestar- Sorry if anyone said anything you didn't want to hear/read. We are just parents trying to get through, most likely some of the same things as you. Sorry if if I said something you didn't like, but when my child needed serious help, it was hard to hear. Like I said before, maybe it isn't really as bad as it seems... then nothing was lost seeking the help. Just because you seek out a Psychiatrist does not mean you child is forced on medications... it is just a step towards an answer.