Worse Than The Kids!


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My husband has lost his dang mind. At 2:37 he was still up laughing about stupid stuff on facebook and playing games on his kindle. At 6:30 he got up because he "has to be in the office at 9" and "has to clean the cat fountain".

This translates to everyone but thank you being up most of the night (that boy sleeps through anything lately). He does NOT have to be in the office AT ALL today. He is a professor and has turned his grades in and school doesn't start for another 2 weeks. He DID have 9 am office hours, but only went in at 9 am if I needed the car that morning. He hasn't had a student come to office hours in the last 3 semesters - they email or call him!

So WHY is he up this early? Because he can spend more time on his $#*#@ kindle! He cannot play a game on it with-o giving everyone around him a play by play, even though he is the only one who can see the game. I cannot tell you how much I LOATHE this. He won't pick up a dang thing around here, not even his own stuff, but he won't let anyone else sleep. He is claiming he must have been 'dreaming' and was really asleep and not up on his kindle. Sure, whatever.

I sorta lost it on him. Then I told him he was up all night and it was going to stop. He told me he went to bed at 11. Then he looked at me. And shut up REAL fast and started agreeing with me. I took his kindle out of his hand and put it down and told him he had to go back to bed until 8 and no electronics/screens between midnight and 8. I can tell he was not asleep much the last few nights by looking at him (even if I wasn't kept up by him, of course) because his skin is all rough and has a dry, raggedy look and his eyes are bloodshot and wild looking.

Who would have thought I would have to give my husband a curfew and limit his screen time?? He has just lost his mind! Do any of your husbands have to have you take their tablets, games and other screens away at times? I am not asking for much, in my opinion. Just a few hours to sleep each night. Is that too much?


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I'm less than sympathetic when Hubby stays up too late playing some game on his tablet, so it's gotten a bit better. I understand.

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So, how does one go about grounding their husband from his electronics??? :laugh:


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Tell him you and him are having some "alone time" at whatever o'clock and after that he can stay up as late as he wants. He may just go right to sleep...if not at least you can!


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While there have been times I have hated World of Warcraft and all things video...I have to admit, Jabber usually gets up and starts getting ready for bed before I do.

Which I also hate.

I'll sit there falling asleep and wait for him to be ready for bed...but he get's up and starts getting ready without even saying a word.


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I have to admit to a slight bit of this over the past few days myself.

Y'see, I just got a smart phone. First time for me. I also moved 275 miles from a small town in N. WI, to a suburb of Milwaukee.

I've killed an appalling amount of time listening to the radio on my new "toy", pruning my contacts list and adding new contacts, downloading apps and widgets, and generally discovering what this magic little slab of technology can do.

My only saving (literally when it comes to $$$) grace has been that the nice agent at the Verizon store was quick to inform me that the phone can be used connected to household wi-fi, so at least I am not racking up ridiculous data charges while fiddling on the phone.

I do have to plead innocent to actually WANTING a smart phone. My old dumb phone of nearly 6 years died; I was eligible for an upgrade, and this was available, with the only cost being a boost to my monthly bill for a manatory minimum addition of a data package to my account.

But, while I survived the advent of home computing, the advent of laptops, the advent of e-readers, etc., without them turning into huge time wasters...this dang phone...



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LOL, y'all! Gone North, I totally understand how a device can eat up your time, esp when it is new and the technology is so far above what you are used to. I am confident that in time you will get the phone set up the way you want it and then it won't take so much time.

This whole mess is funny. husband gave me no fussing about putting his screens up and the next morning seemed to feel better than he had in quite some time. Then this morning he told Jess that going to bed and putting up the kindle was making him feel very good and he was glad that HE decided to do it. I just laughed. This is rather typical of us. He overdoes the electronics, I get sick of it and remove them, and he convinces himself that it was his idea to limit them and isn't he great and setting such a good example for the kids. Yes, he has said the good example part.

He is funny about that, in my opinion. It makes me laugh because he says it in a way that is hilarious and over the top so that we all know he is full of it.


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Suzy, you are right.

I finished setting up my contacts list and backing it up, so am done with that except for adding new contacts as they come along.

Got my radio stations added and will only be adding new ones as I discover them. (No longer actively searching.) Got the 'Play Music' app set up to my tastes, so it now plays my type of music and have already discovered several new artists that I like.

I am listening to Mary Black while typing this. I really like her stuff. Had never heard of her before getting the phone.

Once I have the money (Gotta get caught up on moving bills) I'm going to get some headphones so I can listen to music while doing housework such as vacuuming, etc.


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If you aren't too picky, and as a stopgap until you can afford a good pair, most dollar stores (like Dollar Tree) have headphones. They are not the best, of course, but they might work for you for a while. That is what my kids use because they are very hard on headphones. For them, the dollar headphones and the $20-$30 headphones last the same amount of time, so we don't bother with the expensive ones.


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I have a substantial hearing loss in my left ear, and not the greatest hearing in my right ear (nerve deafness and occupational in my right ear, and measles and nerve deafness and occupational in my left), so don't need fancy headphones,just something that provides "true" sound as distortion sends me straight up the wall.

I used to use a head set that I got from Radio Shack of all places, but want Bluetooth this time so I don't have to lug the phone around with me (and can leave it plugged in to the wall as opposed to burning battery) I can get what I want for about 60 bucks.

I did discover that if I place the phone on a wood surface, it produces surprisingly good sound.

It made cleaning up the bathroom and dressing area (dang, this place grows stuff on grout fast!) go a lot faster listening to good music as I did so.