worst day ever- armed standoff


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I think this will go down in history as the absolute worst day I have ever lived through.

Let me set the stage. Yesterday Cory stole my cell phone once again after I allowed him to use it to call the baby's other grandmother first thing in the morning. He took off with it refusing to give it back after that call until late in the afternoon after I told him expressly that I needed it. So when I got it back last night and went to bed I hid it and this morning he woke me up at 7:30 and went on a tirade wanting it.

I stood my ground and refused to let him bully me into giving in. This caused an all out temper tantrum on his part. He threatened me, tore my room apart, stole my car keys, stole my lighter, dumped drawers out, tried to get my cigarettes but I got to them first, ranted and raved...you get the picture. I acted like I was going to a neighbors to make him think I was calling the cops so he would leave so I could get my cell phone. He ran.

Meanwhile...there is more to the story...last nite he also tried to steal his fathers gun but I called around and left messages at all the numbers I could find on my phone telling people that he better bring it back or else. One of the people I called turned out to be the mother of a guy he has been hanging with who was also looking for her son! She give me some interesting information. Seems the cops are looking for her son, Cory and some girl they are both hanging out with who is 17, a runaway and has warrants. Lovely!

So when I get my cell phone this morning this lady calls me back and asks me if I ever found cory last nite and I told her yes and she tells me that he was at her house last nite with the gun and that he came over to her house this morning and got her son and the girl. Well they were now all down in my chicken yard at the end of the field so I called the cops and told them to come and hurry and be quiet about it.

Well they came but they just missed them...they saw the cops coming and ran in the car.

Cory came in after the cops left ranting and raving threatening me while I was on the phone with my therapist. He was threatening to shoot out my windows or something and if he couldnt live here no one would. Therapist heard him and hung up with me and called the cops and I acted like I was still on the phone with her. She called me back to tell me that they were on the way. He got in the shower and told me and Billy that we had to tell the cops that he wasnt here and that he would leave.

Well the cops pull up, Cory sees them and runs into my room and grabs the rifle and says he isnt going to jail, we have to tell them he isnt here, he will die first. Ok...like that is happening.

Im on the phone with Jamie at this point so I calmly, almost in a daze, walk out to the cop car and look at him and say to him that he is in the house with a rifle and says he isnt going to jail, he will die first. The cop looks at me like I have lost my ever lovin mind so I start crying and say...here...talk to my son, he is a cop in VA, at that point things start happening!

I ended up with half the police force in Robeson County in my front yard with riot gear on. Im in tears thinking Cory is gonna die by suicide by cop. I mean Im mad at him but I really didnt want to see him killed in my front yard! I find out he has 5 warrants out. Why this cop didnt even run him when I first called and told him I was having problems I dont know...he just dismissed me and told me if I wanted to press charges for him threatening me I had to go down to the magistrates office. Well that would be all well and good but my car is broken. Argh!...they leave me behind to deal with an out of control person who thinks they can do what they want because the cops do nothing.

husband wants me to tell the cops I will shoot him if he comes back to the house but even I am smart enough to know I cant do that because I will get arrested!

So meanwhile...the one cop radios in for more cops...one arrives...we watch...then more arrive. The standoff begins.

Somehow Cory manages to sneak out. How we dont know unless he did it before the majority of the cars arrived.

While we are waiting for the cops to decide to chance going in to do a sweep of the house, my phone rings and its the mother of the guy he has been hanging out with telling us that Cory is in her backyard. Suddenly the cops send a couple of cars tearing over there and they chase him down and catch him.

So now Cory has been arrested for 1 felony larceny, several driving charges,fleeing, and who knows what else they can drum up. Not to mention probation violation.

All this happened on 3 hours sleep for me. I need a xanax. Or a stiff drink! I have neither.

I know I did the right thing in calling the cops. I know he is going away for a long time. Its the right thing. It hurts. Im worried about the baby. Why oh why do they do this crap?


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I am so sorry, I can't even imagine the fear you must have been in for both your safety and his.

You did the right thing.



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Oh Janet I am so sorry... what a nightmare. Yeah why do they do these things??? I know it was probably very hard for you to do those things, but think about the safety of everyone... even his!
Where is Kiki???
Oh I hate to hear you are having to go through this BS... please try to take care of yourself, I am glad your therapist was on the phone and heard it go down... try to "rest", I know easier said than done.
I hope your family can hang in there.


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Janet, you did the right thing. Cory has just gone off the deep end lately. He needs to be contained until he can control himself and his actions and if jail is the only way to do it, then so be it.

I just can't imagine how awful that must have been. I'm so sorry.



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What a nightmare. What a horrible thing to have to watch. I am sorry...I don't know why they do these things...You did the right thing! Wishing some peace comes your way.


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Janet, I am so grateful that you called the police and he is in jail. You may have saved his life, your own life and who knows how many others. He is not thinking clearly for whatever the reason(drugs,mental illness or just plain stupid) Lock up guns. He is not to be trusted ever. He will hurt you,husband, baby and anyone else when he is in this state.
My heart goes out to you. Sorry to say, and I know you don't agree but guns are not meant to be around people who are like Cory or anyone else who has bouts of instability.
You did the right thing for Cory and for you.


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It sounds like Cory finally lost. But, in the end, maybe it will be a win, because he will have plenty of time to think about all he has done to hurt you and others over time.


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Now he is calling me from Jail threatening to burn my house down, hurt me, etc when he gets out. Says he is dead to me...oh well.

And can you believe...the damned jail allows this! The calls are not recorded...and if I want to do something about it I have to go up to the magistrates office and take out a warrant...mother of god!

This is the worst backwoods place to live.

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Well, here in Texas if you call and complain that a prisoner is harrassing you they revoke their phone priviledges. Pretty stupid that you have to go talk to a magistrate to get this done where you are. :nonono:

I have to agree with Fran on this. Guns should be no where near anyone who has bouts of instability. Just too risky.

Sorry you are going through this. I can see that you are torn between worrying about your baby and worrying about your own home.

I hope someday Corey gets the help he needs to stabilize.



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that is so weird, when ant is in jail they record the phone calls and tell you so when you pick up. if he is calling collect...of course do not accept the calls. let the recorder come on and record them on your answering machine.

I am glad you ahve your baby girl to divert your attention. go get custody of her before something else happens.

what a mess our kids make when they get drunk/high and out of control. he forced your hand.

sadly I do not think jail helps do anything other than contain them and perhaps make them even more angry.
sigh. get some rest when the baby naps.


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was he drunk or high when it happened?

I am SO glad noone was physically injured. Around here the cops would have shot first and asked questions later. Even if the person did NOT have a gun........

I have tears streaming down my face reading this. OMG!! How horribly frightening and heartbreaking at the same time. I am so glad that no one was physically hurt during the standoff.

I will say some prayers that you will find the strength you need to get through awful ordeal.

Hugs and prayers,


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How absolutely petrified you must have been for him and everyone else. And yes, you know you did the right thing by calling the police.

Tons and tons of hugs from your old haunting grounds.


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I am soo sorry for all that you are going though. I will add my prayers to Vickie's that you can find the strength you need to get through this. I also think you should do whatever you need to do for the jail to understand that he is threatening you and I pray that he will come back to his right mind soon. Maybe the jail will help stabilize him on the right medications?? trying to find a silver lining.


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Can you get the guns out of your house or more securely locked up before he gets out of jail? And nice strong deadbolts on your doors.