Worst day yet of Thanksgiving holiday break

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ksm, Nov 26, 2011.

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    This morning we sat down and discussed what fun things we could do today. Narrowed it down to driving to two different towns - each an hour in opposite directions. We decided to go to the bigger town. That was not difficult child's first choice... but it was the majority choice. So until we left, difficult child was complaining about how we NEVER do anything she wanted to do, blah, blah, blah.But she settled down and was pretty good most the day, until the last stop before heading home. She found a top she wanted me to buy for her. It had long sleeves, but no shoulders. So basically it had no top to it... just spaghetti straps to hold it up. It won't make dress code for school , and totally inappropriate for church. She says she would wear it when she hangs out with friends and goes to parties. Duh... she has no friends and doesn't get invited to parties... but I didn't say that. I just said that it wasn't the type of clothes I wanted her to wear at thirteen.She was a total jerk for the hour ride home. I didn't even want to go in the house when we got home, I would have curled up in the car by myself to have peace and quiet. I understand young teens wanting those type of clothes... but why can't a difficult child just let a single "No" go by with out saying a hundred or more mean, negative and rude things to the rest of us in the car???We had been talking about a week at spring break and getting a condo for a week in the state next to us... but husband and I both said that if it involved that kind of verbal abuse we weren't putting ourselves in that position. KSM
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    Typical difficult child. Everything a regular kid does, a difficult child does louder, longer and stronger. Sigh. I'm sorry. I hear you.
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    I was thinking the same thing TerryJ2 said. my typical teen niece does the same every single time we go somewhere...always has to end in a little drama lately.
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    Ugh!! I hear you!! It's a shame that when we try to do something nice for the whole family that the difficult child moments always have to crowd their way in and cast a shadow over the whole thing. I'm sorry that it ended badly.
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    If it will give you any consolation, one time I took Cory shoe shopping when he was around 15 because he wanted boots. Now he really didnt need these boots, he just wanted them...ya know to look cool. He wanted Timberlands, because that was the "cool" thing that everyone was wearing. I had no idea they were that expensive until we walked into the mall and saw the prices. OMword! The ones he wanted were well over a hundred bucks.

    I found a pair on sale for about 40 but they were too orange for him. We both ended up in a lock down throw down mode. He was pitching a fit he needed these boots. I told him he most certainly did not. Heck, his father didnt get those boots and he worked in construction boots everyday to earn the money to BUY the stupid boots. His dad worked in boots bought at Walmart! We could go to Walmart and buy a pair of boots that looked exactly the same but they just didnt have the name Timberland stamped on the side.

    By this time, we were screaming at each other in the middle of the shoe store...lol. The employees were staring, customers were giving us a wide berth. Tony managed to herd us out the door and to the car. Needless to say Cory didnt get any Timberlands.

    Fast forward about 6 years. Cory came home with a new outfit. Nice pair of jeans, white shirt with dark blue stripes with light blue stripes...and LIGHT BLUE Timberlands! I said to him...Cory...I thought you would only wear that certain color of brown Timberlands! He said to me...Momma...I got this entire outfit for 50 bucks, that was a deal! Do you really think I would pay my good money on expensive boots? LMAO!

    Now he wouldnt pay that kind of money for anything.