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    ...if you were training a new girl to set appointments for a therapist/psychiatrist place, that one of the FIRST things you would tell her is what days the t/psychiatrists are NOT there so she wouldn't schedule on those days?

    OMG....I was sooo peeved this morning. difficult child had an appointment with the facility his psychiatrist transferred him to. (Fortunately it is 5 minutes away) We get there, he checks in and I'm catching bits of the conversation. You know...things like "not on the schedule", "he's not even here today"....those lovely phrases we so look forward to. I go up to the counter and find out that the person difficult child's appointment was with, isn't even THERE on Thursday's. Besides that....I got up EARLY to do this and had to drag difficult child out of bed. Do you know how NOT fun that is? Pffft....never mind. You do. The lady behind the counter apologized and blamed it on the new girl. Of course, there's no way to know if that was true or not but I didn't really care. This is the SECOND time in two weeks that we've gotten there only to find out there was no appointment. Last week we went and they had no record of any appointment for that day. difficult child had missed a couple of appointments and he talked to someone to reschedule. I HEARD him on the phone when he repeated the date and time for the rescheduled appointment. But when we get there? They have no clue. Funny thing about today's appointment though....last week when we were there for the mystery appointment, the receptionist checked the computer and wrote down everything they had scheduled for difficult child. Today's appointment was one of them. Now this girl has been there forever. You would have thought that SHE would have caught this. Nope.

    It just really irks me that if you miss too many appointments, they will charge you. But if it's their mix up....oh sorry.
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    Get an email address and confirm the day before...... insist on it because there have been so many "errors" in the past....... It is just plain stupid and totally unprofessional and I would be sure the doctor knew this is what is happening. Unless the doctor doesn't care either....... agh, I'm frustrated for you!