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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, May 22, 2009.

  1. Wiped Out

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    It must be rain on my parade day. I have been so looking forward to this afternoon. I took an afternoon of comp time that I earned back in November. Was looking forward to starting the long weekend a bit early and taking a long nap. husband was to pick up both kids.

    Well the best laid plans...

    I received a call from difficult child's principal at my school about 15 minutes before I was leaving. He kicked a teacher along with a bunch of other stuff. Sigh. He was being suspended for the afternoon. I told her I already had a sub because it was my comp day and would come get him.

    Five minutes later she called to say that her staff wasn't going to be happy but that as a mom she said she could understand me needing this afternoon to myself so she canceled her meetings and said she would staff his ISS but would I stop by first to conference with she and difficult child. I said no I would take him but she insisted and wanted to do this, almost made me cry, it's nice to have someone at school who understands.

    Got to his school. He came and gave me a big hug (that never happens) but as the principal led the discussion (and she is good, very non threatening, calm) he became irate again and started mouthing off and threatening. We decided he needed to come home.

    He was really not happy because it means he loses his end of the year field trip that he was psyched about. We explained he knew what would happen if he received a suspension. He became very agitated. We left him alone. He covered the window, banged on the door (it wasn't locked). He wrote, "You are an ***hole (all spelled correctly his Special Education teacher pointed out. It took us about 25 minutes and 4 adults to get him to leave.

    He started sleeping on the way home and is still sleeping.

    So much for my peaceful afternoon-not to mention before husband left he said as they were leaving our dog, Ella, had thrown up in the kennel. He didn't have time to clean it and said he would when he got home. When I walked in the house not only was the kennel a mess but husband couldn't leave her in there like that and there was dog doo all over the carpeting and flooring. I've cleaned her kennel, washed the floor (leaving the carpet for husband). All I wanted was a few hours...
  2. aeroeng

    aeroeng Mom of Three

    Oh! that is terable! We never get the hour!

    When husband comes home can you excape for a few. Go to a movie or something?
  3. nvts

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    Sharon, you can come over to my house - we'll duct tape the difficult children and watch Paul Blart - Mall Cop and Attack of the Killer Tomatos I & II and drink margaritas all night!

    I know how you feel - I haven't had a week with alll of the difficult children in school since december!

  4. tiredmommy

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    {{{Sharon}}} I'm so sorry.
  5. recovering doormat

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    Oh, man, I could cry for you! I do know how it feels to have that sweet taste of freedom in your mouth, only to have it turn to ashes with one phone call. and the business with the dog vomit and poo is just adding insult to injury. Years from now you will laugh at all this over a glass of wine with friends, but now it hurts.

    Bless that school administrator who wanted you to have a few hours of peace, even though you didn't get it.

    Let's hope tomorrow is better.
  6. graceupongrace

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    It all sounds hideous -- and to have the dog issue on top of it! Since you didn't get that well-earned nap, I hope you can sleep in on Saturday. And remember, never ask, "What next?!" :tongue:
  7. KTMom91

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    I'm so sorry, Sharon. I know. This is why I never get anything done at home, even though I don't work full time. Somebody does something somewhere, and I have to clean it/fix it/turn it back in/ call about it/feed it/take it to the vet/mail it/go shopping for it/wash it/dry it/put gas in it/pay it/pick it up...

    A margarita sounds really good right now.
  8. Alttlgabby

    Alttlgabby New Member

    I am so sorry your afternoon didn't work out like it was planned!
  9. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Aeroeng-Didn't get to escape but we did get a workout in at the health club and watched a movie (just husband and I).

    Beth-Sounds like a great plan!:)

    TM-Thanks for the hugs-I need them!

    GraceuponGrace-First I love your avatar! No sleeping in for me today. I'm up to get to work at my part time job. Good thing is I'll be home by 9:30. I've learned to be afraid to ask what next?:)

    Mary-I agree that a margarita sounds good right now!

    Alttlgabby-Thanks! husband said I shouldn't even be surprised because the kids have a way of doing things like this to us.

    Wish we could figure out what is going on with difficult child-will be calling his psychiatrist Tuesday. He has had such a good school year until the last 3 weeks. psychiatrist asked at his appointment if we thought he needed to be hospitalized. We said no, not at this time. Now this and he tried to trip me in the garage last night! Still he doesn't seem to be where he was for his other hospitalizations and secondly, last time with the new doctor in charge wasn't very helpful. I've heard she is still in charge and I have heard of many not good experiences.
  10. ML

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    Oh man. I am glad you got in a good work out and sure hope you get some R&R this weekend. Hugs, ML