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    meeting about difficult child. His case manager, who I think is wonderful, wanted to meet to talk about changes to difficult child's schedule for second semester.

    We are going to put Occupational Therapist (OT) on consult because difficult child is resisting so much with what they are doing-he hates typing but is willing to write and type when needed for an assignment. He instead will be in a guided study class with his case manager. She runs half the class on social skills and half on academics.

    The Occupational Therapist (OT), case manager, school psychologist, and one of the classroom teachers were there. They went on and on about all the improvements they have seen in difficult child's behavior. They really enjoy him and love his sense of humor!

    One example of how well he is doing is they said there is a student who is really homophobic. That student started teasing two girls that were standing next to one another calling them gay. difficult child piped up and said that didn't make them gay. Then boy started calling difficult child gay. They thought maybe difficult child would explode. He just looked at the boy and said no I'm not gay. They were very proud of how he handled it.

    He is having some trouble in his small math class but they said he is being provoked.

    The school psychologist said difficult child isn't even really on her radar-he is having that good of a year.

    Let me tell you, it did my heart good to hear all of this. They said he wants to fit in and now they want him to start acting like a learner.

    Now if we could just get this behavior at home as well-it would fantastic-I can dream right!

    I'm so glad we chose the middle school we did for him and that he has such a great case manager!
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    It is so healthy to have a positive school environment. To have teachers who are noticing the good behavior instead of looking for only the bad is great. Finding creative out-of-the box positive ways to teach each student is what makes awesome teachers.

    It is also great to hear the good reports. Last year I was only getting negative reports because there wasn't anything good to report even though I know the teachers looked really hard to find something. My difficult child's homeroom teacher had the task of telling me EVERYTHING and there were very very few good amongst those reports. She would often apologize saying that she hated having to tell me everything because she knew how much it hurt me to know how my son was behaving but the other teachers would tell her that I had to know, which was true. When I did get a good report, it was very uplifting.

    It is so good to have people you trust involved in your child's education.
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    I"m so happy for you, it's soo good to be able to walk out of a meeting with a smile on your face, isn't it?? You must of been beaming. :) That's great, was he pleased when you told him what a great report he got from school?

    I'm really happy for you and him. Now, home lol like you said than the world would be umm perfect! :)
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    After all the troubles you've had in the elementary school setting, I'm thrilled that middle school is turning out to be such a positive setting for difficult child. I'm thrilled that you're not having to fight for every little thing you know difficult child needs to succeed.

    Isn't it nice to finally have a team ~ one that is committed to advocating for difficult child. It takes the pressure off you & you can concentrate on just being a parent. It's been too long for you to just be a parent for young difficult child.

    Thanks for sharing such a positive update on the meeting today.
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    Fabulous!!!! Sounds like the school is working optimally which means difficult child is responding in kind! A perfect situation. Kudos to difficult child for holding things in check while in school!

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    I love positive feedback. It is awesome, especially when they have come so far to earn it.

    My difficult child is going to middle school next year, and I am going to a charter school info meeting in February. Everyone (psychiatrist, therapist, current school staff) rave about this school. It will be interesting to hear about it. Then next week I need to call the standard/regular(whatever you call it) middle school and try to set up a meeting with the behavior specialist there. I want to check out all our options. Even if there are only 2. Better than one.

    I am dreading middle school. It really helps to hear some good stuff about it.
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    I'm glad your difficult child is haveing a better year. Sometimes those positive meetings seem so few and far between that a good one just makes one feel almost euphoric. Hope there are many more to come.
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    Wow- it's so nice to hear good things and that progress is being made! Congratulations and Way To Go, difficult child!!
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    He is doing great and he is standing up for others. This is a parents dream. Hold onto these days.
    Progress is such a wonderful thing but it is possible, isn't it?

    Good job!