Wow! Back from camp and actually liked it!

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    Despite the late-night phone call this wk, complaining of headache and stomach ache, difficult child wants to go back to camp next yr. He volunteered that the headache was from drinking Mountain Dew in the heat instead of Gatorade and/or water. "I really didn't eat that much wheat. But the pancakes were really good."
    I never asked him about the phone call ... just let him talk.
    He said they also didn't sleep. At all. Well, maybe a few hrs between 3 a.m. and 10 a.m. They played flashlight tag, lighted frisbee games, several other late night glow-in-the dark games. This sesson was called "Teen Adventure Camp." They were supposed to go kayaking one day, but no one wanted to, plus, it was raining. I'm not sure what they replaced it with.
    They also made bracelets (he gave me the one he made--bent wire with-beads on it) and they donated $ to kids in the Dominican Republic. Huh? Well, it's a Christian based camp, but I think they should ask the parents if it's okay to donate $. I mean, I'm kind donated up to my eyeballs lately. So difficult child has a photo of a kid, with-the kid's name, age, and town, in a Ziplock bag. Interesting, that difficult child actually showed me, and actually acted like he was interested in the kid. I read the info on the printout, and it says the $ goes to help the kids, mostly with-food, and I asked difficult child why they didn't use the $ to build a well for clean water. Poor kid, he just can't get his mom out of politics ... :laugh:

    He also said they trashed their room and wrecked the boys' bathroom (brand new facility), although he said "They," not "we," when it came to actually breaking one of the shower heads. :surprise:

    The counselor told me that difficult child was good and is very welcome to come back next yr, although it was frustrating to not know if he was having a good time because he wasn't expressive or outgoing. (Wow, those counselors put up with-some rowdy kids!)
    This is a "regular" camp, by the way.

    No meltdown in the car. WHEW!!! :peaceful:

    Tomorrow, difficult child starts football. He says he's not going because he's too tired from camp. In the next breath, he says he wants to buy the helmet instead of renting it. Yeah, right.
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    AND he owned up to why he felt bad.


    Glad he had a good time and you got a much needed break.
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    We're off to buy khaki pants and dress shirts for school on Monday.
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    He's refusing to go to football practice.
    Says his feet hurt from camp.
    But he will go on Monday.
    I just don't get it.