Wow email from son teacher today :)

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by RobinD, Jan 30, 2008.

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    Email from Willy's teacher just got it a few minutes ago. I am suprised as both kids were fighting before school and the 1 hr delay drove me crazy.
    He has been very teenager like the last few days but yesterday he really tried my patience and I told him so. If it were more than typical teenage stuff I would have been more concerned. He and I have also discussed the last few days that helping him with his work is much different than doing it for him or holding his hand while he does it. He has been overly dependent and sometimes does not want to even try unless his teacher or I are standing right next to him. It is part of Willy making mature and responsible choices.
    Today has been just fine. He did his Math without any help at all, he never complained (which is rare in math class) and all the answers were right!!! This morning Marie and here class were in our room for a while and Willy was helping her very very nicely!! I told him I was proud of him and Marie even said thank you without anyone prompting her to do so!!! It was great to see the exchange between them!!
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    How wonderful. Be sure you write this down or print out the email for your journals. sometimes something like this can help us through the hard times, just being able to read it and enjoy it.


    ps. Hugs to both kids!!!
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    Awesome! They do come around at some piont.I hope this is a change that will last.Maybe you should do something nice for them sincce they showed good judgement today.
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    well guess I spoke to soon about his good day now he is having anxiety about school tomorrow and don't want to go to school tomorrow. So here is email I sent his teacher tonite:

    Willy is whining he don't want to come to school tomorrow. He keeps saying he don't want to do the social studies packet. He also been getting all work up about a social studies test he said in 2 weeks which was on Friday and Saturday his anxiety was so high.
    Tonite his anxiety is so high he is having behavior issues. He keeps telling us its to hard and he can't read the words. And than uses that he wants a fun day like today for tomorrow. I told him at least you had a fun day this week. That he needs to do what he is suppose too.
    He is growling, whining, hitting things and refusing to do things with therapist. She is even trying to get him to exercise and he keeps bringing up he doesn't want to go to school tomorrow. Therapist told him we are not talking about it that we are going to exercise right now. I try earlier to get him to talk about it and that is when he brought up the social studies packet. He is really worked up about this. I thought i would inform you about this. He is being a grizzly bear tonite and very bad attitude.

    Well hope he don't fight me tomorrow. And hope he has ok day tomorrow. Please email if he is having issues or if he is doing well.
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    Got email back from his teacher:

    Dear Robin,
    I am very sorry to hear Willy making such poor choices. I think a lot is going back to the emails we shared earlier today. Some of the behavior is typical teenage stuff while another is that the work takes effort and Willy does not like that. I told Willy today, if it weren't hard it would be called something else. And he agreed. We also talked about how he needs to be responsible being a 7th grader. As for the Social Studies packet, we read it together as a class and then students will have time in class to start working on it. He is focusing his attention on the big picture which freaks him out. I have talked to him about this. He needs to take one step at a time...let's worry about the questions AFTER we read the passage as a class.
    Now, about the test. This is something I have been saying for the last week and a half, we will be having a Colonial America unit test the week after next (probably 2/13th but not set in stone yet). They have already started preparing for it and some parts they will be able to use class notes (which Willy has been told on many occasions and he has they notes as well). We will review in class, there will be a review guide that we will correct as a class. He is focusing on the word TEST and not that he already knows a lot of the information. I will speak with him tomorrow about this again.
    Please tell him that you have spoken with me and what I have said. He may ask me questions when we talk tomorrow but that he is responsible for his work and that I do not give him anything I do not think he is capable of doing. Also please remind him that he is not allowed to use the word 'can't' when talking to Ms Monday and Mr Olson and to please not use it at home. He CAN do anything he sets his mind to!!!! He has proven that so many times this year.

    I hope you have a better evening and please keep me informed. Reassure him that school is work but look at the things he has learned just this year and what a great job he has been doing. The grades he has been earning and the work he has been doing are incredible. He should be proud, not poutty!!!

    Please let me know tomorrow if more issues have come up...especially in the morning before school.