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    I am just THRILLED right now.

    Jessie started a sewing class tonight. She spent about an hour at the library before hand as my mom is driving her and mom has a class before hers.

    Jessie picked out 3 magazines for me from the area where the library friends sell used items to raise money.

    One is really cool about Italian Cooking.

    The BEST, MOST WONDERFUL AND AMAZING thing came out of an ode cross stitch magazine she got for me. Most of the designs are not very interesting.


    They have an entire ALPHABET designed to be stitched in the corner of handkerchiefs, etc...

    Alphabets are easy to fine or make. Most go across the fabric and are very hard to adapt to place the letters diagonally. I spent HOURS trying to get a name on one handkerchief for my bro years ago. I never did get them to look right on the diagonal.

    I have not seen a complete alphabet designed for the diagonal before.

    This is SO COOL!!!!!

    OK, thanks for being excited with me. I know it isn't really your "thing" but it makes my head spin with projects and ideas!!
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    Cool. I "inherited" mother in law's old crochet/knitting patterns and a couple of her cross stitch books......although cross stitch makes me cross eyed and I just don't have the patience for it.