Wow. Gay marriage is the law of the land.


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In my lifetime, I wasn't sure I'd see this. I love it when our country moves forward in the area of human rights. Whether somebody agrees or disagrees with something isn't really the question, in my mind. It's about the two people involved.

I just wanted to briefly mention this because it is huge news. Not bashing anyone who disagrees with me.


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As a step-mom (we prefer the term bonus-mom in our family because I helped raise her since she was 12 and she's in her late 40s now) of a gay woman, married to a wonderful woman and mother of one amazing 10 year old girl, I couldn't be happier. It's about time. Since I live in California, it's felt legal for a few years here, but no Federal protections. What rankled was the fact that my bonus-daughter, who gave birth to their daughter, couldn't claim her wife as the other legal parent, so they had to go through all the expense of having my granddaughter adopted to make both women her parent. And the tax situation--good lord, what those two have had to go through! When their second child died after one week of age four years ago, the my poor daughter-in-law couldn't even talk to the insurance companies, etc. They are dealing with this very sad death and the insurance company is saying "Have your girlfriend call us. We can't talk to you." That is still a pain of a thousand cuts to us.

So yes, it's been a VERY good week for us of a certain stripe (ACA protected, housing discrimination still not allowed, freedom to marry, and then Obama's eulogy. Proud of our country right now. I know not all agree with me, and that's okay.


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Whether you agree with what is going on or not, this has certainly been a historic couple of days. Obamacare upheld; Gay marriage upheld; 3 terrorist attacks overseas; confederate flags coming down; one of the escaped convicts shot and killed; Obama's speech at the funeral of the pastor of the church shooting.

Sometimes the 5:30 news seems like they are just making stuff up to fill time; today they could hardly get it all in.


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My friend has a gay daughter who has been in a relationship for twelve years, longer than many marriages. They got married in Wisconsin, but were unsure if it would hold. I'm very happy for her.

I think soon this will be a blip on the radar. At one time blacks and whites couldn't marry. Now we kind of laugh at that and I think the same thing will happen here. Our grandchildren won't know any different and it will be no big deal.

I'm proud too, and I haven't had much to be proud of lately.


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Earlier this year we received an official email that our State (which did not allow gay marriage) would extend marital insurance and other benefits to employees with a same-sex spouse. I was pleased. As far as I'm concerned, it's not my business who anyone wants to love and marry, so long as they're both consenting adults. Religious objections, I don't get. You don't have to let them marry in your church and guess what? They probably don't want to. They just want to be recognized as a family.


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I hope we CAN remember this as a country. It may help us prevent discriminating against other groups who are without the protection of the law. It certainly is a huge event right now, and I am proud to see my country strike down one more area of discrimination. We HAVE come a long way. I have relatives and close friends who will now be allowed the same basic things that the rest of us have, and that is a great thing. I still cannot wrap my head around discrimination. At some level, I will always be that little girl who thought the neighbors and my parents were joking about discrimination because it was the stupidest thing I had ever heard of. I thank my parents for giving me that foundation, even though they did finally have to explain discrimination once my school got its first black students (it was a private Catholic School)