Wow, I got a break!!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by buddy, Nov 25, 2011.

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    Sister said I could use her credit card for a gift for Q. so I checked my bank rewards and I had enough points for 50 bucks in amazon credit! He wants that phone so bad...but honestly he wants to play the music, play the games, send a message to me (has no one else to send one to),watch NASCAR utube...etc.

    SOOOO, I did a little research... the ipod touch ??? Then I saw the samsung galaxy 4 player (galaxy phone without the phone)... reviews are good....same price as ipod touch but expandable memory by 32 GB! (you pay tons more for ipod memory) and it uses android operating system so I already know what apps to use for one that makes only me be able to get into any of the apps. I already checked and it does work on this.

    I went to amazon.... i is on sale, plus my discount, plus free shipping and no tax plus added (remember it is Q here) the insurance which was about 35.. all total 139. That is it for him. I have enough to add little stocking stuffers which by the way he likes just as much thank heaven. I always get his underwear etc. at christmas because I have to get it anyway and he likes any wrapped thing. (and with his growth, he desperately needs new undies and I will go to unique thrift and see if there are some shoes too, he loves anything even if used, thank you God for that too). I can add some stickers and art stuff etc. but this is all he has asked for for months and his aunts and grandparents are going to give a few things he liked. Sister said I can pay it off after birthday (Jan 5th, sigh).

    I am so relieved, thanks for all the encouragement everyone!

    IF anyone doesn't like the galaxy, dont tell me, I cant take it...unless its really really is awful. :woohoo:

    a funny: yesterday at thanksgiving, my sister was looking thru the ads with Q and he saw a stationary bike....had a person sitting on it...he asked if sister would buy that for him so he could get away from mom really fast... (sister died laughing) (we think he didn't notice it had bars on the bottom cause he actually uses one for relaxation, so he knows and he is not THAT delayed, tee hee)
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    Wow! Good for you (and yes he does have someone he could text & call by the way). Don't you love it when SOMETHING good happens. Is Q's birthday on January 5th or yours?
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    hey yeah, you said they like to skype, and he can do that too. He can also have a voip or is it viop internet phone number to call if we really want to go that way. I will just see, tee hee.

    He will never know the difference once I tell him that, and it elminates my concern about how I will handle a monthly phone bill. yipee.