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    my 10,000 post!!! I had no idea I had so many posts. Thank all of you for listening to me, and allowing me to share in your family's lives!!

    I treasure each of you and think of you and pray for you each daily. You have been such a great source of support to me, and help, and knowledge, and even a kick in the pants when I get out of line!

    In some ways I am closer to all of you than to most in my daily life. I don't say "real" life because you are each completely real to me!!

    Just wanted to share this milestone and say "Thank you " to all of you. I doubt we would be 1/10th as happy, or the kids be 1/10th as far along as they are if I hadn't found this site and every one of you on that late night so long ago that I stumbled across this site!
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    Congratulations on your scorching case of Carpal Tunnel

    Welcome to the club - (passes the Bengay) :surprise:
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    Welcome to the Club, Susie :bravo:

    Suz :wine:
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    Party at Ben & Jerry's!!! :whistle:
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    A long time ago I babysat for a pair of twins. The father worked as an executive for Ben & Jerry's and the twins were named Ben and Jerry. I always though Jerry got cheated. Ben was a nicer name. :tongue:
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    Congrats! Mostly I want to say thank you for all of your posts, you are always lending support to everyone!:)
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    Thank YOU for being willing to share!