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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by DenitaS, Oct 14, 2009.

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    :faint: I guess I come and go cause I think that I can do this on my own. And then I realize! I REALLY NEED the support of people that actually UNDERSTAND what I am going through!

    difficult child 1 - 17 - Her Bio Dad called me today to tell me that she had broke in his house and stole 4 company checks, another checkbook where the account has been closed and his signature stamp. Wanted to let me know that the warrant for her arrest would be effective tomorrow and "Could I believe what she had done' I simlply answered yes, I could. She has been begging for us to just hand the baby back over and I knew there was WAY more going on then she was sharing. Todays conversation confirmed that!

    difficult child 2 - 15 - Moved out about 3 1/2 wks ago because we wouldn't let her stay at a friends on a school night! Has been by the house 3 times and cussed us out each time. I told her to keep her nose clean and stay in school. CPS called yesterday because the school was concerned with her failing grades and wanted to know if we could sit and chat about it. I told them that would be GREAT IF she were speaking to me which she is not. They are now trying to decide if they want to take custody of her and have her placed.

    ME - I am JUST EXHAUSTED and DO NOT have the energy to do this again. I love her but, I am really feeling the tough love thing this go round!

    Guess I just needed to share!
    Any suggestions?
  2. Sheila

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    Wow -- never a dull moment, huh?

    No advice; just sending a hug.
  3. TPaul

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    So sorry to hear that you are going through so much right now. I do think that she needs to get help, and maybe going through the system could be the only way to dry her out and get on medications like she needs.
    Gentle hugs and thoughts.
  4. ML

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    That's one great thing about this board, it is always here and it will never turn us away. I just encourage you to access all the tools possible: therapy, perhaps alanon, medications, online support, in real life support, etc. Thinking of you and sending prayers of support.
  5. busywend

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    You just detach and focus on that baby!

    The other 2 will have to figure it out the hard way.