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    I am so impressed by what I just witnessed with difficult child. He and easy child were in an argument about the Wii (yes, last night's magic has worn off). They both had their share of guilt in this argument.

    The thing that really amazed me is that when easy child was screaming loudly at him, told him she would never play with him again, and ended it by calling him a huge jerk, he started to say something back and then said, "Oh, never mind."

    He said it calmly and went back to what he was doing. After she was out of the room he calmly told me he missed the nice easy child and was worried that she would never play with him again. He usually never uses his words this way!

    For difficult child this is HUGE. I don't know that I've ever witnessed him do this especially with easy child screaming at him. He really gets upset when he feels he is getting yelled at even if he isn't and she really was.

    He also told me that last week at camp some kids were making fun of him and he just told himself over and over again to ignore it and walk away.

    These might be just baby steps but it is so cool to watch happening!
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    Speaking from similar experience... yes, it's VERY COOL!!! Enjoy it while it lasts!
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    Yes, very cool! It's these glimmers of hope that keep us going! Enjoy this success. :)
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    it's those little positives we need to make big deals of for difficult child's and for us
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    Glimmers, indeed. Bravo!!!