Wow! Really cool stuff on sensory issues!

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    Hi! Anyone with kids with sensory integration issues with their kids would really really get some great information at the following site:

    It's set up in an Educational Format, but it really helps figure out ways to circumvent some of the "our kids are evil" mentalities that those on the outside see (as well as us on our bad days!! :D)

    Just try skimming the different modules. They come up with ways to try and help them through things that make us nuts with different stimuli that may be impacting our difficult children.

    Amazing amount of insight, very user friendly and although it's written on an Asperger's child's situation, it could be worked for kids with other diagnosis's.

    Let me know what you think of it!

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    NVTS -

    I read the article on Alex the lady that is now 42. Except for the handwriting and the taping herself with duct tape - I could be her.

    I've never ever had anyone tell me I'm an aspie. My family just says "You have a lot (or a little depending on my mom mood) quirks.

    this was neat. I just figured EVERYONE was like this. Never self-diagnosis myself either - honestly just dealt with all my quirks all my life.

    Neat info.
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    My youngest has sensory integration disorder and my 9 yo difficult child has some issues as well. I know sensory stuff is common in BiPolar (BP) and autism/aspergers, are there any other dxes it is common with? I liked the exercisers that let us feel a bit of the problem ourselves, thanks.
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    Thank you! I was searching for information as complete as this in compact form just recently for my youngest difficult child. In reading it I found that it applies not only to him but difficult child#2 and actually difficult child/easy child#1! I now have a starting point and lots of stuff printed out to use/show to school/therapist and to move forward with.

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    I got a real kick out of the exercises too! It kind of gave me a better understanding on the issues that all 3 of them have.

    Star: I crack up at some of this stuff, because I sit there and think about where the "Aspie gene" came from between me and husband. This one split it right down the middle! Some of the stuff struck home as well as my dearest chucklehead!

    Tia: Don't you love feeling prepared when you're talking to the teacher's and therapists? I found this digging around to arm myself with difficult child 3's school.

    Sleep tight, I'm gonna go hit the hay!