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    I think finally I have found out I am not crazy. For the last 2 to 3 years I have had some people ask if my child has autism, I have had others complient me on what a beautifully behaved child I had. In the last year things have gotten decidly worse and have since been in preschool can tell he definetly marches to the beat of his own drummer. Finally decided to bite the bullet and start asking more questions and see if maybe he had autism. Thought I was completely crazy until the other day and the licensed evaluator asked me if I thought could be autism. I was so happy to hear someone else was bothered by what I called his red flags, even though he is in speech, Occupational Therapist (OT) been evaluated by a pyschologist and no one has mentioned it. This person thinks autism is his problem and is helping figure out how to get him help. I have been reading and from what I have read there is so much help and support here. May sound strange to some, but I am looking forward to further testing and knowing what is going on with my son. I am also glad I have a found a place where my son is not alone. Thank you for being there already and looking forward to keeping you posted on him, and if anyone has anyone has any ideas, questions or suggestions, I am open to them. Especially concenring toileting isssues, generally no poop, but tends to stay wet, has been diagnosed sensory processing disorder.
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    Hi, crazymama. I am not knowledgeable about autism. I just wanted to say I am glad you found support from the evaluator and do not think it strange that you are looking forward to further evaluation and getting answers. You sound like a good mama, who is doing her best to set a good foundation for your little guy. Good luck. :D
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    You are not crazy. I almost threw a party when Tigger was finally diagnosis with Autism. He had been diagnosis with bipolar as a 5-year old (and it is accurate) but it was never the whole picture and I finally feel that we have a good handle on him and can make some serious progress.

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    Thank you for your replies, and for the link. I haven't had a chance to follow up on it, due to oldest son being sick and taking 5 year old to dr. Good news is his pediatrician is on board!!! She is making him a referral to a neurologist to start with to make sure its not anything else. She described a plan of action to me that basically from listening to her means this step 1, if he says no then we move to another referral and see what the next says, so on and so forth. I am guessing it will mean lots of appointments coming up but that I can handle and honestly look forward to getting answers. Any ides suggestions I am open.