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    Next time I think difficult child is on too much of a stimulant, or does not need one, hit me! HARD!

    I took him back to 15mg of Daytrana since Friday. by yesterday he was completely out of control, hyper, rude, and today he was unbearable. I was yelling at him when I was calmly speaking, he was in tears all day, wow. Found out he took his patch off shortly after I put it on and left for work. I don't think it was rebound, as it happened untill he finally went to sleep, which I had to give him a melatonin for.

    I decreased the daytrana as he was having a few Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) like symptoms, which he seems to get when the stimulant is too high. maybe that will go away, but the last few days, today in particular, were horrible.
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    Why does he take off the patch?
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    Argh! Sorry you are dealing with this-hope things even out soon!
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    I had about the same reaction. difficult child spent the night with a friend (we TRY it once every six months) and didn't have his morning medications. When he got home at noon.....let's just say he was so out of control I just stood there with my mouth hanging open. I told h we don't EVER have to wonder if he needs his medications!!!!! He was yelling, screaming, jumping up and down, torturing the little dogs, crying. It was amazing. Back to spending the night......we won't do it again for yet another six months. He just can't handle it. I think most of all it's a "routine"'s all off and although he thinks he's having fun, it comes back to bite him.
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    Sometimes he takes the patch off on purpose, it itches but only part of the time. Sometime an edge comes off and it sticks to his underwear. Sometimes when I am not home he takes a bath and it comes off. I hate to go to an oral stimulant, as this works well most of the time, but he goes through times when he won't leave it on. We may try something like vvyanse this summer and see how he reacts to it.