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    So I spent the day working in the garage, getting ready for a garage sale, then had to go to work for a few hours, then made 2 trips to get dirt for the garden. Before I left for the second dirt trip difficult child son wanted money for a garage sale. I gave him 2 dollars and change. He was getting home at the same time I was and he got a really neat kit that you mix up a cement type mixture and put it in a paw print mold. Cool huh? Not if u make it in your bedroom on the floor. His carpet now really needs to be ripped out and replaced with something indestructible. I am thinking plain concrete?

    Wow. How am I supposed to do stuff out of the house when he destroys the house if I leave him alone for a few minutes?
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    I'm thinking cast iron. Or that stuff you spray on truck beds.
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    We've had plastic tarp stapled to difficult child 1's floor to protect the carpet before. Then when difficult child 1 didn't need it any more we could take it off. Not sure if its indestructible enough for you though.
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    Not sure if anything is indestructable enough. Finally after my mom and I discussed it, we would like to go back to the frontier days and just use dirt. How can you hurt dirt?
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    Oh my! Big {{{hugs}}} to you.
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    Ohhh! So sorry. My son make Creepy Crawlers after Christmas one yr and used our good, white towels to clean it up. In his bedroom, of course. His blankets and the towels still bear the black marks of Christmas Projects Gone Bad. :(
  7. Star*

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    You can have someone come in - cut out that square - go into the corner of the closet - cut out a matching square and iron in a patch to replace the damaged area. OR you can just leave the concrete until it hardens - keep hitting it with a hammer, then get a dust pan, wisk broom and duct tape and wrap tape around your hands - and use that to get up the concrete chards. Keep doing this until the concrete is mostly gone out of the carpet fibers. Nothing that I know of will completely remove conrete but I think those kits are plaster of paris - if this is so - you can try to look up on line - what will get it out or look on th eback of the kit and call the MFG. to see what they recommend on their 1-800 customer service line.

    We finally took out dudes bedroom carpet - and hauled it away in pieces - at night - so no one would see it - it was AWFUL. OMG you can't belive the ------well you can - possibly - lets see - he painted bikes in his room - painted his shoes with spray paint......used model car paint on his bed......cleaned his bike parts with mean green..Oh then there was that time they found dead dogs skulls....HEY I had to sleep sometime.
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    Oh, I totally understand and feel your pain. That sounds like something difficult child#1 would do. His bedroom carpet looks horrible. I would consider concrete too but I am sure he would find a way to break that too. I mean, he has written all over his walls in permanent marker- I am sure he would do the same to concrete.
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    Star's right. It will be plaster of paris, it breaks up easily when hardened. Well, maybe bot easily. But of course, difficult child has to do that anyway. Not you. How else will he ever begin to get the idea tat perhaps mixing up a batch of plaster on the carpet is NOT a good idea?

    A suggestion for him for the future - old phone books make a really great disposable work surface. When you're done making a mess, you simply rip off the soiled pages and put them in the bin. We have one old phone book in the kitchen (a sheet of paper towel over it to drain oil out of stuff we've cooked) and also another old phone book in the workshop, for mixing up epoxy glues, polishing shoes, my t-shirt painting, my candle wax work... you name it.

    But consequences - HE HAS TO CLEAN IT UP.

  10. crazymama30

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    If you saw the rest of the carpet? you would go for dirt too. I think it will take a hammer and chisel to get it off the floor.