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    So, the Assistant Director of the rehab - the one that has been really hard on my daughter all this time, was arrested last week for forgery of prescriptions to get controlled substances!!!!!!!!!! Of course she has been fired and removed from their website. The women at the rehab have been forbidden to talk about it (gossiping is REALLY against the rules there but at the same time I can understand WHY they would talk about it - this is unbelievable!!!).

    I am just in total and complete shock. She had supposedly been clean for 15 years!! We all looked up to her. This is so crazy. It truly makes me question everything she has ever said to us. SHE was the one that popped ME with a drug test when I went for counseling and I am wondering is she could have passed one herself.

    So I am speechless. Just absolutely flabbergasted. I have no idea if her relapse was recent or if she has just been a REALLY great actress this whole time. I can't imagine the bewilderment of the women there...the betrayal...they, too, must be questioning everything she has said to Just wow.
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    Things many times not what they appear to be.
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    Rehabs and treatment centres, and other 'helping professions' always attract also rotten apples. Relapsing is one thing, but seems like she was on quite a power trip some time now. It is unfortunate if the centre does not have proper procedures in place to handle situations like this. And no, denying it, just taking her off from their page and telling residents they are not allowed to speak about it is not a right way. It just casts a shadow and makes you wonder their integrity also in other matters.

    But I do hope that your daughter is not too shaken about it, and if you have chance to talk with her without her being monitored, let her tell her feelings about this at least to you even if they are not allowed to talk about this kind of betrayal of their trust with each others or in counselling.
  4. PatriotsGirl

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    She has her first pass this Saturday and I will be bringing her and Connor here to swim in the pool and have some bbq. We will definitely be talking about it. I don't think it deters her from her sobriety at all. She is extremely happy with everything she has going for her. She is doing SO well at her job - the managers love her. She has her baby boy with her full time and she says the rehab is home to her. :) This staff member was the one staff member that always made her nervous. I wonder if this is some kind of validation for her in some way..
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    I would expect so. She has spent many years denying her own feelings including "gut" feelings... and this person set off her radar. Turns out her radar was right - it HAS to be validation.
  6. PatriotsGirl

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    Very, very true...even the staff is baffled by it...I mean, if you met this woman and interacted with her, you would never have thought she was active in her addiction. Never. I kept thinking this had to be some kind of mistake...
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    Was the Assistant Director using, selling or both I wonder? That is shocking.
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    That is sad! I am glad that you D.C. had a feeling about her that means she is seeing things with a clearer head.

    It usually takes a while for prescription abusers to get caught. Unless she was really dumb and forged the scripts very poorly she has probably been doing it for years.
  9. PatriotsGirl

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    I know she has two charges of second degree forgery and they added a charge of obtaining a controlled substance by forgery...they set her bail at 5k yesterday but she is still there. I am just dumbfounded...I pray she did not give anything to any clients. :(
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    Wow!!!! That's shocking. I hope it doesn't shake up too many of the girls. I'm so glad your daughter gets a pass and you all can discuss it openly.

    Ps. How exciting to bring her and Connor home for a visit!!
  11. susiestar

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    I think this goes to show just how much an addict has to work the program every single day, regardless of how many years of sobriety she has. This isn't actually that uncommon in those working in the rehab/recovery field. Everyone you know is an addict in some stage of recovery and that can make it easier to get better but also can make relapses and illegal activities easier
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    What a shame! But fact is, we're all human with weaknesses. Hope the girls stay strong through this.
  13. PatriotsGirl

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    I am VERY excited!!!! We are going to play in the pool and then have a lunch of filet mignon with baked potatoes and caprese salad before we have to bring her back. I will be keeping Connor overnight to see the fireworks and then we will meet up at church in the morning. :)

    Friday is all about husband and I. We are still trying to get our groove back after raising Connor. We talked the other night and realized that we still feel like we grew apart but divorce is never an option. We just realize that we really need to spend more time together and I need to learn to put down the phone at night! We are thinking about getting a couple inflatable kayaks and hitting a state park for the day. :)
  14. Nancy

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    I wonder what their reasoning is for not talking about it. I would think that talking within their group sessions with a counselor would be a good thing. It would allow them to face the reality of relapse and express their anger and disappointment and I would think that lesson would be a powerful one from the other side of things.

    Have a wonderful visit, menu sounds yummy.
  15. PatriotsGirl

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    Oh I am sure they are talking about it in counseling - it has to be addressed. But they don't want the girls gossiping about it on the side...
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    We just got two kayaks for the hubby and I. Mainly because of the same issues. We have loved every minute of being together.