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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by crazymama30, Aug 31, 2011.

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    So we had our first team meeting today, and in all honesty? It is described as being a support for the family in the literature??? Yah right. I don't think so. They work 8-5 monday thru Friday. Great, so do I. So I have to take more time off for more appts. Oh yay. Respite??? Nope, we don't get it, we have the wrong type of medicaid. Seems like they will take difficult child out to do fun stuff and work on stuff at the same time??? Great, he is always good with other people, will not do a dang thing. So if I want it to work I have to go with him. Nice, more time off work. All difficult child does is go off about how his sister hits him, yell at him, swears at him and his aunt yells and swears at him. Great, so how long untill cps is knocking at my door?

    You know, if he was my only kid and if I did not work monday through friday like them? maybe I would see the point, but I really do not have much hope for it. They will come in and work on stuff like chores?? Once again, I will have to take time off work to be here. I am almost frustrated to the point of tears. I am the only parent, I have to work. I can only take so much time off work, and I have taken off so much work for my mom's surgery, and am still taking it off now as unpaid. Yay. I really don't see how this helps ME. It might help difficult child, but in no way shape or form will it help me.
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    You need advice from someone who understand wrap services... we don't get that here.
    but I can send you {{hugs}}
    and a big knot for the end of your rope.
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    the end of my rope went by a long time ago. I don't even have that left.
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    How many feet do you need? I have some left... THIS time. (first time)

    Do you want cotton? hemp? steel?
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    I'm sorry they are inflexible. Did you point this out to them? What did they say? Are they the kind of providers that if you say you can't do their therapy they hear won't do the therapy?
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    There is no point in telling them they are inflexible, those are their hours. I cannot change how the county mental health does business. And really? If I don't see a positive anything in a few months? I will stop services. I don't have the time nor the inclination to do something that is more work for me and has no benefit for my child. It just seems like that the harder I try to get help the more work I create for myself
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    I hear you.
    We had to knock on hundreds of doors before we got anything we could work with... and the untold hours of reseach to find each "next" door to knock on...
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    hmm, i wonder if it is even worth doing. Maybe they could provide services to difficult child at school location so that you wouldn't have to take time off? what a DRAG.
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    I am hoping and asked for someone to help him at school. They have a homework club at school and if his skills builder person could meet him their to do homework it would be perfect. I myself am wondering if it will be worth it, and am trying to stock with the artiste you never know untill you try. I worked so hard to get the services that I feel like I have to try,
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    Some wrap, yeesh. What about working with him right after school, picking him up there and bringing him home when you get home from work?
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    Haozi, that is one of the things I asked for. His school has a homework club after school, and I did ask that his skill builder come to the school and go to homework club with him and help him with his work. I might just request that they take him home afterward, they have county cars, they could do that.

    I also already emailed the sped director and asked for an IEP meeting to go over what may help him as I hope to have the neuropsychologist results soon.