Writing a letter to school requesting psychological evaluation...

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  1. Are there any examples of this on this site? The letter will be from myself and my husband. How do you sign from 2 people? Next to each other or one on top of the other?
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    I'm sorry noone else has responded yet. If you scroll down on the main forum page you'll find the archived posts from many years. They were whittled down to the most important/relevant information (I think), BUT in the Special Education forum is copies of letters for use.
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    The sp ed archives have the letters. I would ask for a full and complete evaluation including psychological, learning disabilities, sensory integration disorder, speech and audiology evaluations, IQ testing and anything else suggested in the sample letters. Do not limit it to just psychiatric testing. You should also seek a private evaluation for these things. A private evaluator answers to you. The school staff who will do the testing answers first to the school. If they find problems or suggest accommodations then the school will likely have to provide them - and that costs money and involves changing the status quo - neither of which is in the school's view of their interests (NOT that they will ever admit it!). Most of us have found that school evaluations are NOT complete and miss MANY things. School evaluations also look at what will impact education, not the student's entire life. Private evaluations look at their entire life. Insurance should pay for much of the evaluations. If you do not have private insurance, apply for the state kids insurance - most of this WILL be covered by them. Don't automatically assume you won't qualify. The guidelines are more generous than MANY people are aware of.

    The sp ed forum archives will cover this and explain how to send the letters, etc... Start creating a Parent Report if you don't have one already. It is a document that you create to keep all of your child's records, evaluations, etc... in one place. A few years ago some of the moms here created the outline - the link in my sig will take you to it. It will help as you start the evaluation process, I promise!

    REad up on the sp ed archives and post over there with questions - they are the real experts on the sp ed laws and how to get what your child needs from the school.
  4. I was planning on asking for psychological and IQ test. Our 5 year old daughter may have Asperger's or Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD). We have seen Devo Peds and did an Autism Diagnostic Interview. daughter is very defiant, things need to be a certain way, she is not flexible in her thinking, sensitive to sound at times, seems to lack understanding of some nonverbal cues etc. However she is a girl and is social, but not always appropriate. She has emotional meltdowns, some anxiety at times. She is very smart and has never had any cognitive issues or setbacks.

    I want neuropsychologist evaluation and the wait is 18 months! We are awaiting results of ADI. I was told even with a diagnosis the school will want to do their own testing so I figured I will just request it now. What should I ask for besides psychiatric and IQ test? I asked for formal language pragmatics since her conversations are one sided but they would only fo informal because she is smart and has good speech! Should I ask again?