X strikes again....

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  1. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    The county just sent Dude a list of fines he owes -

    2005 - Failure to provide drivers license - um he was 14 and in Residential Treatment Center (RTC)
    2006 - Driving on suspended license - he's never had a D.L.
    2006 - Expired registration - 1st offense - first offense my aunt fanny try 40th
    2005 - Driving vehicle in unsafe condition - him or the car?
    2005 - Evictions - him and his girlfriend - wow - at 14 that's a good one.
    2011 - Dog at large - Okay this is his - but Disney let the dog out on purpose
    2010 - Riding a bike without a light - Dudes - seriously $125.00 are you kidding?
    2010 - Bike regulations - Dudes again - he rode a bike on a picnic area $125.00
    again SERIOUSLY - it wasn't posted - $125 bucks?

    So while I'm Ticked that Dude hasn't paid HIS tickets (and didn't have a light on a bike and got a ticket for riding it in a sheltered picnic area at night) DUH..

    Now he has to prove to the courts that he wasn't shacked up with some known drugged prostituted and driving around in an unregistered, unsafe, untagged vehicle without a drivers license?

    WOW - way to go FL courts - on checking those social security numbers and birth dates.

    Dude says this is ALL because he wouldn't go to court and tell the judge for Disney what a wonderful Father his Dad has been. Yup - he got a call three weeks ago and it went like this: ( yes I nearly fell out of my chair)

    Hey Son hows it going? (this is the lead up to will you do something for me?) SON? Dude said he was already barfing.

    Swell Dad - I got run over by a car, broke my foot, .....then Disney cut him off.

    Listen I have court in 3 weeks and heres what you have to do - Find something really nice to wear, iron it. Shave and look really, really sad.

    Yeah, sad like you can't live without me - Really sad...
    Then you get up and tell the court that I don't need jail, What I really need is rehab. They can't send me to jail, that will kill me, I'm a good guy, we do lots of stuff together, - we go fishing, and we play cards, and even though I do drugs, we spend time catching up on our lives.....

    I uh...
    Tell them.....Tell them that the only reason we haven't been together the last 15 years is because your Mother has mental problems and you just not got old enough to find me on your own and it's been good no.....great.

    But make sure you can -----can you cry even? You could do that and then tell them they can't send me to jail it won't help that I NEED rehab and you NEED me.

    Can you do that son? Please for me?

    Dude said he sat there on the phone and said "Yeah sure Dad no problem" and hung up. Shook his head and then he got to thinking about all the things he HAD done on his own while his "Dad" was in jail -

    Fixed the house, cleaned it up, gotten food in there. Gotten people to actually split bills and pay for stuff.

    Then he thought about what happened when Disney got out of jail and in less than 2 days time - the house was trashed, the food was gone - the 57" TV that was broken that he found in the trash took apart and fixed - his dad took a ball bat to and broke, he let his dog out on purpose because he loved her most of all, he said his Mother kept them apart because she was mental - and the woman on the couch with a needle in her neck, the yelling, the screaming, the intimidation ---the telling him to come to jail and say the burglary was HIS bcause HE couldn't do jail time.

    Then he decided on his own that he was going to put on his worst outfit, roll around in dirt.....not shave, show up in court and tell them he was so proud of how his dad Was a DRUG LORD - and that he didn't need rehab -he didn't even need jail - that so and so needed to be put UNDER THE JAIL and left there to ROT. And then just walk out.

    My face nearly hit my desk. Part of me wanted to laugh because of the reality of his words and the other half? Well that's the half that said "Honey? I'm so sorry you are so angry with him still. Maybe someday he just won't mean anything to you - but you do have a Mom and a Daddy here that love you very much and love you so much - they cared enough to let you go there and see what you thought you were missing al lyour life."

    Then he said "You know what Mom "I have forgiven him for so much Q#(* I mean it - we talked, and I really did. But that TV - it was 57" and I found it in the garbage, it was broken - the guy even said - Hey you're doing me a favor - take it. And I did - I fixed it. I couldn't belive I fixed it - It was awesoem and I'll never have another one ever. And my dog she's all I have - and he took the two things I love and tried to ruin them. He busted the tv with a ball bat and let Ouixa out the door to be killed. He's not human. He's - I dunno he's just - I dunno.

    And with that? Today - he gets that letter charging him with all the x's junk ....and I can only think that x had a hand in it somehow - like they showed him the charges and he said - NO NO that's my son. UGH.....

    calling him 'son' is almost a blaspheme to Dude. The longer he's there, and the more he hears? The less he wants to do with him. Matter of fact he went to go get prescriptions the other night and they wouldn't give him the prescriptions because his Dads name is blacklisted in every pharmacy in FL - and having the same name it took 2 days for Dude to get any pain medications for a broken foot.

    Nice - VERY VERY NICE - I wonder if Dude will take my last name now? lol

  2. AnnieO

    AnnieO Shooting from the Hip

    Ugh, ugh, ugh!!!

    I bet the ones that aren't Dude's can be cleared up, simply by virtue of age. Unfortunately it will take a while.

    Ugh!!! Hugs - to you - AND Dude. Actually, if Dude dresses nice, they'll take him seriously when he tells them x needs to be put UNDER the jail...
  3. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member

    Like I forewarned everyone I'm not at my best this week but I don't get it. Yeah, lol, I know I'm a fairly sharp thinker but ?? Dude hasn't been in Fl. for more than two years right? So the list is from the Fl. County when he currently resides. What T H triggered him getting a list from them? "Splain por favor"...maybe I'll grasp in another language! DDD
  4. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    difficult child 1 has an outstanding phone bill to the tune of $1500 smackers from when he was 2.

    He worked construction and lived in a shady trailer court in the rough part of town.

    Yeah, I bet he did.

    People like this should be surgically sterilized sans sterile equipment and anesthesia....
  5. KTMom91

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    I don't even know what to say, Star.
  6. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Hopefully.........he'll change his name. Better still, once he gets daddy's charges off his head........hopefully he'll be ready to come home to the parents who really do love and care about him and make a real life that isn't quite so hard.

  7. HaoZi

    HaoZi Guest

    Florida is bad about this kind of thing. Thing is, the credit bureaus are even worse!
  8. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    D3 - porque - he is suing the kid that ran him over hit and run - and the kids attorney is trying to dig up any dirt he can on him. (my best guess) So when the atty. went to the courthouse - to dig deep - he found the other charges and brought this to the attention of the clerk. Clerk not doing their job sent out the letter?

    It will all get cleaned up because I offered (one time offer) to get x's social and birthday to Dude today. Dude took me up on it, wrote it down and forwarded it to his attorney. He said "You don't need to do anything Mom - not your problem. Let my attorney handle it."

    I said "Okay good!" - So I guess it's being handled - but WOW what a bunch of ding dongs.
  9. 1905

    1905 Well-Known Member

    Dude should go there with that letter. Ignoring Disney completely. When it's Dude's turn to speak, he should SHOW the judge what his dad did and how his DAD is trying to pin these crimes on him, his own son. Then he should ask the judge for help getting rid them all. He should tell the judge he wants his dad to pay these fines......and do the time...Let him get dressed up and Disney will not know what hit him. He's going down!
  10. trinityroyal

    trinityroyal Well-Known Member

    Just shaking my head.
    Sending hugs to you, and to Dude.

  11. witzend

    witzend Well-Known Member

    I wish I could say I was dumbfounded by x, but mostly I'd just like to swear and kick him.
  12. tiredmommy

    tiredmommy Site Moderator

    Poor Dude... I really feel for him. My mom used to send me to pick up pot for her and even brought drugs (unbeknownst to me) across the Canadian-US border in my car. Garbage likes this make you hate half your dna.
  13. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member

    I can't believe that Dude has an attorney who is actively pursuing his case...and...inspires confidence. It's about time a lucky break came his way and maybe this lawyer is one of the "good guys". Fingers crossed. DDD (a 4 dayer)
  14. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    I can't believe............... I stayed out of the entire thing and the kid pursued it on his own........found a top notch attorney, has kept in contact, admitted to him on about the 3rd meeting that he isn't 'lily' white. Which I told him after the first meeting to not let the attorney be "surprised' by his less than stellar past. To which Dude said "shrug" and I said this isn't a bum court appointed attorney - this is a I get paid big bucks atty for knowing the truth and I'm not out to get you atty. To which Dude still did the "shrug" to me and I tried one more time to explain it - then I did the "Shrug" thing and said Okay - when the other guys atty digs up all your past and throws it on your attorneys desk and your attorney then has "surprises"? THEN you won't be shrugging - then you'll be explaining. NOT. MY. PROBLEM. But so far? He's doing very well.

    Except for when he tried to get his pain medications at Walgreens and couldn't - because the pharmacies really do have the x black listed and in a state wide computer system. It took them 2 days of calling the ER, doctors, getting identites, etc. to okay giving him one bottle of pain medication. WOW what a mess.

    congrats on being a 4 dayer. D3 - that is AWESOME!
  15. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Witz - please feel free to swing away - anytime. lol. I think it would be more like golf - your aim would have to be pretty low.
  16. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member

    I like the name changing idea.
    Other than that, I'm speechless.
  17. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    You know -

    When he was ten, and in the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) near North Carolina? The one he was kept at for 18 months? The therapist/psychiatrist there was the one that even brought that up. His suggestion was that we began hyphenating Dudes name to include my maiden name as Dudes first last name and then Dudes bio last name, then eventually drop his bio last name. We did do that, and it was working wonderfully. Then the wonderful State agency and all of it's all-knowing idiot psychiatrist said "Oh we can't do that." I ignored them and we kept doing it. Even in HS - the years/months that Dude did attent? We did it - and no one had a problem with it. I have it on prescriptions, letters, school ID - and they told me once Dude was over 18 - if he wanted to for $250.00 he could legally change it. when he was a kid? It would have cost us $10k. $5000.00 for a GAL, and about $5000 for an attorney - EVEN though it was for his best interest. I even wrote to a judge begging for help. NEVER got a letter back.

    Such is life.