xmas and my lasagna :)

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    ok, thanks guys it came out great. husband even complemented me he never does on food being he's the "chef"...... :)

    our xmas was quiet this year. which worked for me. no one came over xmas day at all. husband's sister never answerd my text after she invited herself for the day and I told her no dessert works. weirdo. so she just blew off husband also who text merry xmas.

    husband's oldest daughter began her drama as expected and refused to come over. so he picked up little ones and dropped her gifts. fine with me not having her here.

    stayed in pajamas all day long, kids played with wii we got them for xmas, we ate, difficult child didnt' ofcourse and is now down to 102 as of today. i had another bout of whatever's wrong with-me, was in pain and swollen most of day. my doctor appointment is tmrw.

    we have a blizzard here so we'll see if i can get out to go to it. all in all quiet was good. was rough year and has been struggle with-difficult child i think just being with kids was what we needed.

    husband surprised me with alot of junk. which was nice. he said you had a hard year. i was so shocked because i know how tight we are, the credit card bill like he said well we'll just pay it off lol. i got a really nice camera, pajamas, a video camera flip, a new gps mine broke, and a new engagement ring that didnt' come yet. i have a little one from years ago we didnt' have the money.

    kids were happy. hope everyone else's was good. :)
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    Glad it was a mostly quiet day-quiet is good!