XOXO TTYL and other XYZ's

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    Thnx 4 ur hlp. Boot this is da ind. Eyem afrd gonna say xoxo. Not using reel werds + the youse of ABC’s and DEF’s mks et hrd 2 git wot PPl R tlking aboot. Don bliv M? wz this hrd too reed? The use of the English language, or of any language, is to help communications between individuals. Using anagrams is, limiting and pushes people away from communication rather than toward genuine conversation. Plus, it’s just plain lazy. This is a good service, but it is too difficult to read . TTYL
  2. Nancy

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    I'm not sure I understand your point. Are you unable to read some of the posts? We have a forum Site Help that explains our acronyms. It didn't seem like you had a problem understanding before.
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    No one I have seen talks like that on the board. There is a list of what difficult child's, psychiatrist therapist Know what I mean? means as we've all read that post, it's a sticky on the forum. Guess you haven't. If you want to be offensive and insulting I think maybe consider going somewhere else because no one I feel sure has called you lazy or talked down To you. And honestly a grammar nazi is the last thing we need here.
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    What on earth? That is texting language and not what is used on this forum. We do have some acronyms but they are spelled out in a link and if you notice, once your pointer hovers over the letters it will tell you what they mean. I dont believe anyone means to misspell words on purpose but I suppose it does happen from time to time, no one is perfect. Everyone probably doesnt have a spellcheck on board, or they dont care to use it.

    Also thinking about it, we have members who are now posting from cell phones and tablets. Not the easiest thing to do. I have tried to reply to posts from cell phone and I make them as short as possible because its just not as easy as typing on a keyboard.

    If you are going to look for negatives, you are going to find them everywhere.
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    This seemed so off kilter to me I actually wondered if somehow Kennedys difficult child found the site and posted? It really made no sense to me and didnt sound like him.

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    That's what i was wondering.