Yaaay! He's staying in school!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TerryJ2, Jan 22, 2010.

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    We met with-the teachers and resource teacher yesterday. difficult child passed all his exams, with-one very low grade in soc. studies (he refused to review the chapter). His attendance is perfect, his classroom participation is excellent, his homework is up but not perfect.
    We have to stay on him every step of the way, but overall, the teachers--even the grumpy one--were all smiling and very supportive.
    I would never have thought this would happen. I was certain he would be out by now.
    But they all emphasized that he is very smart and that it's the lack of desire to "give it his all" that is so frustrating.
    They are learning that working with-him in a smaller group and one-on-one hasn't totally destroyed their schedules and routines.
    difficult child sat up straight and participated this time.

    Of course, difficult child got an A in computer, PE and art. (The teachers are more concerned with-core classes--science, math, English, soc studies.) :faint:
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    Sounds like things are going along nicely! Having supportive teachers is so key.
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    Good news! Thanks for sharing.
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    Is his School work adapted? Or is he doing up to speed work? Either way this is wonderful and it shows what he is capable of. With a little bit of pushing. ;)
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    He's going to be joining a group of kids who will spend extra time on their assignments, which will cause them to fall behind temporarily, but the teacher said not to worry; she just wants to make sure they know certain core concepts for next yr.