Yall seem to love 2 cook - so...FREE BOOK ORGANIZED KITCHEN ^KINDLE APP TOO

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    Head on over to Amazon.com where you can download The Organized Kitchen: Keep Your Kitchen Clean, Organized, and Full of Good Food-and Save Time, Money, (and Your Sanity) Every Day! for FREE for your Kindle (a $16.95 value!). If you don’t have a Kindle, keep in mind that you can still read books on your computer or other mobile devices with the FREE Kindle Reading Apps found here.
    Check out some of the great info included in this book:
    * Shelf and storage strategies
    * Five-minute kitchen feng shui
    * When to clean what—with what
    * The right tools for the right tasks
    * The truth about freezing food
    * Meal plans that really work
    * Ten foolproof, must-know recipes—with endless variations
    * The good-enough stocked pantry
    * Leftovers you’ll really want to eat

    (Borrowed from Hip2save)
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    Thanks for the link, Star! I'm getting it now!