Yard Sale Treasures........and Poor easy child

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    This morning we headed out early to yard sales. Around here, this is a family affair. Even Travis tagged along.

    easy child didn't do bad. She scored a pair of like new Nike sandals for Darrin and another nice pair of sandals for Connor for .50 ea, a new wooden cedar rolling pin (a guy nearby makes them) for 5 bucks and I lost track after that. Brandon scored and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse backpack which he paid for with his own dollars.....he was soooooooo proud. LOL

    But it was Darrin who had the big day today, and it was like the yard sales were catering to him. He had 11.00 saved up and burning a hole in his wallet.

    Right from the beginning we see old collectible tins (for foods ect). I have been collecting these for years and I have some that are extremely old. They decorate the tops of my kitchen cabinets. Well......Darrin has always had an interest in them. And he's thrilled if he can pick me up a new one for xmas or my birthday. (and he did this birthday, a really good score.....even if I had to pretend I didn't know who he had in mind when he was buying it LOL ) But in recent months he's started collecting them too. I started him out small scale because I know easy child's house doesn't have much room. He has a cigar box (beautiful box), a cigarette tin, and a bandaide tin. All nice and small. Well........that sort of went out the window this morning.

    He's so funny to watch. He knows Nana frowns on paying too much for one, regardless of how old it is.....you always want the best possible price.......so he's watching for prices, asking the people running the sales. Price was fantastic at all of them, they were running a quarter per tin today just about everywhere. Next comes........Nana, are they Old? What do I look for? And he's digging through boxes, inspecting tins. He'll ask my opinion....

    He didn't do bad. He got a really nice tobacco tin that is antique and original for a quarter, another bandaide tin, a cracker tin, and then he just had to have this cookie one........it just lit up his face. When he asked I told him it is a new one. It didn't matter, he loved it. I told him in the end, that's what counts. So he bought it too. (turned out later to still have cookie crumbs in it lmao)

    He also was so proud he found his Dad a father's day present all by himself, and paid for it with his own money. He bought his Dad a really nice poker set that comes in it's own tin for a dollar. It had never been opened. :)

    easy child just rolled her eyes at me. What?? I can't help it! It's not like I brainwashed him or something. :rofl: Heck I didn't even really encourage him.....ok not much. He likes to put special things in the tins, so his serve a dual purpose, and Brandon and Connor are still not able to get the lids off so his treasures are safe from small hands.

    I just have to laugh as I watch the grandkids shop though. They have learned well. You don't just walk by and look, if you want to find a treasure......you DIG through stuff and hunt for it.

    Nana didn't do bad either. I found a Dumbo sqeaky toy from the 1940's or so for 2 bucks. Since I have a thing for Dumbo.......and I wish they'd get smart and start making such toys again because babies love them.......I splurged and bought it. Darrin thought that was super cool.

    OMG I thing I have a Picker on my hands. lmao
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    I love yard sales! This weekend is a biggie for big community sales around here. I'm just too busy this weekend to even consider it. BUT....I am on a high when I come back from getting some great deals! How cute about Darrin's finds! I get so excited when my kids are into the flea mkt or yard sale finds too. Mighty Mouse wanted a bigger tv in his room because his big sis had a big tv. He talked some guy at the flea mkt to giving him a $25 tv for $7. once about 2 years ago and husband and I still laugh about it. He has the haggle bug!
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    Those boys are learning from the master! I wish there was a decent flea market around here but there isn't, and I'm not much in to garage sales. There are lots of them around but most of the stuff seems to be baby clothes and the velvet bullfighter pictures and things like that! I know what you mean about the tins though! I love finding those little treasures like that! I have a shelf that goes all the way across my kitchen that is just full of stuff like that! I have several depression glass pitchers and several very old fancy cream pitchers, and two Cash Family painted pottery pitchers. I have an old oval bread tray that I love - they were used for slicing bread and has a colorful advertising picture on it from some long-gone bakery. But my favorite thing is an old tin can that I found in an antique store and paid $2 for! It's an old red and green "Half and Half" tobacco can that held pipe tobacco. My grandfather used to smoke Half and Half in his pipe and for years we always saw him sitting in his chair with that tobacco can and his pipe rack on the table right next to him. Just to see that familiar old can brings back so many fond memories of him! The first time my brother saw that can on my kitchen shelf, he started grinning and saying how much it reminded him of our grandfather!

    Darrin would have LOVED what we used to get as kids! Back then a lot of men, especially the older ones, used to smoke cigars. And the cigars came in beautifully decorated heavy cardboard cigar boxes with lids that raised up! Every kid I knew had a cigar box to keep their "treasures" in. When one of our grandfathers got a new box of cigars, we would call dibs on the box and fight over which one of us would get it when it was empty!
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    I just recently about the longest yard sale in America. I guess it's a big thing and it's not terribly far (as in thousands of miles from me). I would like to someday plan a trip, if I could be up to it, around traveling it or as much of it as I can. I haven't done yard sales in years since last doing them with Grandma.

    Has anyone else gone to this one? Hound, I bet this is something YOU would LOVE to do! :)
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    That is so cool! They are learning things this way, and you're doing a family activity.
    A cedar rolling pin? Cool.
    We're having a cherry tree and a Japanese maple cut down next week and saving the wood to give to a turner at the gallery where I have my art. I was thinking of a bowl ... but a rolling pin ...hmm.
    Good job on the shoes!
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    Tia, I probably would love it. I learned to yard sale at my own grandma's knee and have been doing it as far back as I can remember.

    Never heard of that one though.

    I'm a bit surprised at what is selling around here. Folks are, in a way, dumping stuff for cash. And you can tell the difference. You can also tell those who have become desperate, they're prices are sky high when no one will touch them at that price when you can buy probably the same thing a few blocks over dirt cheap. (sometimes these folks need to scan the territory for prices first)

    The girls and I are planning our own yard sale. We're not definite on the date yet, due to this heat wave that is preventing me from working in the family room unless I want a heat stroke. From the sounds of it so far (and I've not even gotten through half the stuff here yet) it's going to be enormous and packed with stuff. We've not had one for several years, so it's accumulated. And it will be priced to sell because I already warned them not one darn thing is coming back into my house. It's in the yard sale cuz I want it GONE. If I make some extra cash on it, great, if not......I still want it gone.

    Speaking of such............I've got to get back to cleaning, organizing, and sorting this stuff.

    Terry, the rolling pin is cool. I dunno about other areas, but they've stopped selling wooden ones here. Can't pick up one for nothing.
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    I dont see many yard sales anymore. I used to love going to them. I might be missing them though because I never go out on Saturday mornings.
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  9. Hound dog

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    OMG that looks cool!! Too bad it's so far away :(