Yay for Caller ID...

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    I'm almost afraid to answer, even though I know I need to. Yesterday Miss KT registered for summer school, but because of her suspension for flipping off her band director, she wasn't supposed to be on any district campus until the 16th. So I went with her, just so they wouldn't haul her out in handcuffs, and to make sure she wouldn't do anything dumb. On the way, she tells me that her band grade went down to a C. She had an A before the flipping. I talk to her counselor, just want some clarification on the grade change. Is it possible retaliation? This woman is quite capable of that. The school is supposed to call me back today.

    I also called and hollered at Family Support. The only way I get my court ordered child support is to throw a fit every few months. Then they enforce the order.

    And I sent letters to both Miss KT's useless father and his crazy mother, informing them that he owes me for the insurance payments, and if I don't see the money by July 15, I'm filing in Small Claims Court (again).

    Top this off with many many calls from #2's student loan provider...he says he's in deferment, they say it's in default.

    Miss KT's truck has a low tire and apparently is leaking oil. OK...do I look like the Pep Boys here? Call your father. I don't know how to fix it.

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    I agree.

    Thank goodness for caller id.

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    LOVE caller ID...