YAY!!! it is finally come to pass.

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    We have mixed feelings about what is going on with our oldest daughter but we were so excited to FINALLY to get to spend some time with our only grandchild like REAL grandparents.
    Our oldest daughter has been in a really bad relationship for just a little over three years now. We did not approve or condone it in any way,shape or form. For those that do not know--my oldest daughter is not my bio-daughter but I have raised as my own since she was 6 and her brother since 5. I raised them as my own and my entire family acceptted them as MY children and have treated them the same in every way since I have had them. my stepkids (I never called them by anythhing but my own until --MUCH later after THEY chose that road)
    anyway when my step daughter was 16 we decided to get her a phone for her birthday. Biggest mistake i made on her part--since then my husband family gave his ex-family contact info to get ahold of her --They did not have contact because they did not want to follow the court orders. After that she started having "secrets" all the time -- she was calling my nephew all the time which I thought was ok that they all stay in touch(my mom use to keep all 13 grandkids for the summer)then she started saying that she had a boyfriend and his name was ------ and I flat out asked her if she ment her cousin(my bio nephew) and she said no but she was lying. After she turned 18 she ran off--didNOT graduate high school--moched of husband's family and fianlly moved M<y nephew down there but still told all of them that they were just cousins but she was trying to help him get on his feet --until she burned all the bridged and finally admitted that they were dating AFTER she found out she was pregnant. So they became a couple and had the baby. It had been a bad relationship from the get go--she likes to party and go out and he wants to stay home and watch TV. She changed her whole lifestyle to stay at home with him oh yeah and lets not forget that now thaey have a baby. After living together they found out how hard it is and much worse when you don't agree on ANYTHING especially taking care of a child. --anyway after fighting for 2 years and a couple of breakups before the baby and two after --she finally left.-Now I am not going to get my hopes up yet since my sister the biodads mom left her abusive husband ugh 15 -20 times before it stuck. We are not saying anything negative either way BUUUT for the very first time since our baby was born we got to spend quality time with her. Usually we would call that we were passing threw town and would like to stop an take them to dinner or just for a few minute sto she the baby and HE alwasys told our daughter to say no that she was asleep or not home or they were already going to bed --any excuse. She will be three now in Novemeber and we have seen her a total of maybe 10 hours her whole life.
    This weekend she was able to spend time with us--she spent most of 6 hours on my lap on saturday and on Sunday I had her for about 4 and took her shopping..IT was great
    sorry so long I got excited
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    That is really special. So glad there was a bright spot for you this week!
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    Oh that is so awesome! Glad you got to spend time with her!! Grammy time is precious!
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    I hope you get to spend more time with her regardless of stepdaughter's situation. Hopefully stepdaughter will stay out of the abusive relationship and not dive into a new one, which is often the pattern without therapy.

    Glad you got to spend time with your granddaughter. Grandparents are a special necessity in every child's life. :)