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  1. Hound dog

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    I'm on my 4th week. No missed days. Survived a massive round of lay offs (actually meant to weed out bad, slow, lazy workers). And I'm learning to slug.

    Slugging is job security, also helps keep you there when everyone else is being sent home because few people seem to want to do it and there is a great need as you can't make candles without sluggers. I don't understand why people seem to not want to learn, the only thing "hard" about it is the speed......and like with anything that comes with time and practice.

    The only thing I don't like about slugging, straightening, or bubble sucking is that you're confined basically to one spot and don't move that much........sluggers are moving considerably more than the other two but still they're basically stuck in one spot. But I'm even getting used to that, although it can make the night go horribly slow at times.

    I prefer to move usually, the night goes faster and my body doesn't tend to feel that anymore.

    Last night was a bit interesting. Think largish jar candles, 15 to a box, lift them repeatedly because while you're filling those cases you're also skidding them.......... I and the other women were fine until we needed to lift them up beyond the chest line.......uh, sure you might have the strength to do it once or twice.......but the box had a tendency to try to collapse (due to the way it's designed) on you went you did............So the males, especially the bosses tended to hover and when a skid got to that point they would load it or we'd start a new one if they were busy. Worked. lol But my back was sore when I got home for the first time in quite a while. I'll say though, even the males had issues with the boxes trying to collapse.

    Bosses pay attention to the hard workers. They pay attention to what you're learning to do. You have to be able to do everything on a line.......and somewhat everywhere to a certain degree (I think I'm not quite sure because other lines do a few things we don't) to be hired on permanent. Makes sense since new perms fill a support role if there is no work on the line they were hired for. Like right now line 6 is down for a month due to a cancelled order, their perm employees have been placed on other lines to work until their line is up and going again.

    Was talking to the boss man I like for the temp co and car pool friend was telling him she was in her 7th wk and had never called off (she was trying to figure out how long until her first raise). Sad that he was majorly impressed. Most people can't get to the point where I'm at without having called off a day. And of course they can't figure out why they don't get hired perm either. geez

    Hold good thoughts and send some juju. My car has been leaking coolant for months and months. First it was a slow leak, no biggie. Now it is becoming a major issue. I think it's a hole in the hose........sister in law thinks it might be the water pump because he can't see a spot where it would leak from. All I know is I fill it, drive it, it gurgles, and next day I have to fill it again. He has GOT to fix it once and for all. I've no doubt he can.............but it can't take longer than I have off or I have no transportation to work. And I will be one POed person.
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    I'm proud of you. It is not an easy job, but you are a tenacious Warrior Woman and are doing great. I am willing to bet that you become a perm employee. I once asked if it is the company I think, and if they are, this is a really GOOD company.

    As far as the car repairs, if they cannot be fixed in a hurry is there any way that one of the kids could carpool and you could borrow one of their cars for a day? Or could you take a taxi to a place not too far away where a coworker could pick you up and take you to work? Even if the taxi took a full day's pay it would be worth it because you could keep your job. It would give you more in the long run than the short term loss of cash. You might also be able to rent a car. Of course taking the car into the shop is expensive, but it might get you a loaner car if you ask.

    I hope the car is not too hard or expensive to fix.

    We are all so proud of you! You are amazing!
  3. helpangel

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    congrats on dodging the bullet on lay off day; sorry to hear about the car but don't feel alone I pray it starts every time I get into my van

  4. InsaneCdn

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    Ummm... uh... <red flag>... OHS would tell you that you shouldn't be regularly lifting those things above the chest line especially on a production line: RSI risk, usually resulting in a LTI. OK, so US and CA regulations on this stuff may be a bit different but there's a reason why "tighter" jurisdictions put those rules in place.

    In case US and CA terms are different, OHS = Occupational Health & Safety; RSI = repetitive strain injury; LTI = lost time incident.

    I'd send you my favorite mechanic, but he's booked up for the next 22 months at least.
  5. DammitJanet

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    Glad you made it through but I swear it doesnt seem you have been working this long! You also impress the heck out of me with how hard you work. I couldnt do it if the pay was 1K an hour!

    I tell you, with the car, I hope its only the water pump. That is a fairly simple fix. I think hubby has had to replace the water pump on almost every car we have had except the one that just got totaled and that one wasnt that old. In fact hubby has replaced at least two in the parking lot where we pulled in when it finally gave out. So that would be the easiest fix next to just hoses.
  6. SearchingForRainbows

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    Great news as far as the job but sorry to hear about the car. Staying pretzeled that the car is an easy and quick fix... SFR
  7. DDD

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    I say Yeah to you, too! But (here it comes!) you really need to make your car repairs a priority. You've been working successfully for quite awhile and there is no immediate need to save each dollar from your paycheck. Your personal health costs and your transportation costs have to come first. Find a decent mechanic to fix your car and pay someone to transport you to and from work for a couple of days. Remember ??? you were in desperate financial straights when fate (and possibly divine power?) lead you to steady employment. Don't short change your daily needs! You are awesome. DDD
  8. Hound dog

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    DDD my sister in law IS the best mechanic around.......but if it is something he doesn't think he can fix, he has an even better one that will do it. Good news is that I think I finally discovered where the leak is coming from and it looks as if I was right and it is the hose. That is no biggie to fix. Not bad for a car about to turn 13 yrs old.

    Sadly, right now I DO have to watch every dime.......until over time starts up and or raises start kicking in.

    I've yet to find someone from here whom I can ride with........which is why my riding buddy was so thrilled to meet me. (no it wasn't my stunning personality lol ) I'd like to find someone to carpool with and cut down the cost of gas. Not that it is too bad as a tank lasts me 2 wks currently, but you know how gas prices jump up and down.

    Bosses keep going out of their way to tell me what a good job I'm doing. They might want to reserve that opinion until I'm slugging a lot. lol It's a long of eye hand coordination and multi-tasking, speed wise. I've tried it a few times but actually sitting in the hot seat........well, hopefully things will settle on other lines and my training can begin in earnest.

    Tonight was just one of those nights from hades all the way around for both sections of the line. Those making the candles had issues with the slugs not weighing enough to displace the wax and stay seated......which meant long lines of what we call "floaters". One or two floaters every once in a while is a pain. A long long line of floaters across 3 lines of candles is every straighteners nightmare. It's up to you to get them down again and to stay put, easier said than done. It takes time.......and time is something you just don't have much of to spend on each candle. And yes, there is a new guy making the slugs. Been this way all week, but tonight's batch was nearly every single slug in the batch. omg Took an extra straightener to handle it........and we managed to not only get the blasted things reseated but dead darn center while we were at it. Made for an interesting night, lemme tell you. Got to work with a lovely lady from another line and we had fun chatting away while we were tackling floaters. lol Otherside was dealing with the 15 jar candles to a box deal (still) and it's starting to take it's toll. Is it wrong that I was grateful to be a straightener tonight?? (the "older" employees tend to do most of the candle making, while most of the younger do the packing ect. whenever possible)
  9. DDD

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    I wish I didn't understand "needing" income, lol. on the other hand IF your transportation is lost you will be in one heck of alot of trouble keeping the job that you fought so hard to get. Prioritizing is tricky. I'm on your team but, lol, if you are not starving to death OR your home is being foreclosed upon this month...I still say...fix the car. Hugs DDD
  10. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    I plan to have sister in law fix it this weekend. I've been pushing for that all week. lol

    Otherwise the car is in good shape, remarkable shape for it's age. :)
  11. Liahona

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    You are amazing. Believe the bosses when they say what a great worker you are. Hope your car is fixed soon and you have a nice restful weekend.
  12. witzend

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    Good for you, Lisa! :hi5:

    I've been looking for part time work for months and can't find anything. Of course it has to be sedentary so something like you're doing would be impossible. But I know it must be a relief for you to not only have the income, but to have something to get up and get out of bed for every day. Keep on slugging! ;)
  13. Lothlorien

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    Sounds like a really cool job! I wouldn't be able to handle it, because I'm so sensitive to scents and stuff. It sounds like a really cool experience. Good luck with your new job!