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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Adarob, Feb 7, 2012.

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    I posted before about my daughter having temper tantrums and the like at school and being suspended a handful of times. We are waiting to hear back from 2 different places about getting her evaluated officially and in some sort of talk therapy. She is suspected of having O.D.D.

    Before, the disruptive behaviors were ONLY at school. But since we have had 2 meetings with various people from the school and spoken to someone from mental health (all with her present) she is starting to act out at home.
    Screaming at me, throwing things, breaking things in her room, and full out refusing to do things (mainly clean up after herself).

    I wonder if maybe he hearing all the talk about...well HER is making her act out more. Has anyone noticed anything like that with their children?
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    It is not unheard of by any means. If a child is struggling at school and the REAL problems aren't being addressed or helped, it will lead to frustration and some anger. NOW she hears YOU talking about her too and you have just joined the ranks of the "uncaring bad guys" she struggles with in school. You have just joined the ranks of THEM. Now that you know, don't ever talk ABOUT her anywhere near her earshot. I don't really have any advice about how to get her back.

    You REALLY need to read the books we suggested to you. Now that the behavior is at home, YOU need to do something to help. Those books will help a LOT.
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    My son does not even walk into ANY doctor's office until I first go and get thru the issues and concerns and then when he comes in (he has already been measured and weighted if that kind of clinic) it is all about talking directly to him... how do you feel, check things out, do you have any worries or questions etc.

    It really sets him off to have anyone talk in front of him. I had this temporary neuro one time... she didn't want to follow our routine (and routine is everything now a days Q will actually tell people , If I dont want to hear you I am going to leave and wait, OK?)... but at that time she said to me... well, I think it is very important to have the child hear all the concerns, that's what I do with my (neurotypical and no real problem) daughter. I said, well when you have to go home and be hit and have things broken by my son, you can do it that way. She wrote in her notes that I was an uncooperative parent. FUnny thing is, I have had the same docs for my son's entire life and they use me to talk to other parents... NO ONE has thought that about me before. She was just a jerk.

    I think under a certain developmental level, they dont need to hear it, not all the gory details anyway... it is over their head and it can be a situation where they live up to expectations ... their own misunderstanding of the expectations and diagnosis that is. Maybe... thinking it is WHO they are rather than about what is going on with them.

    Just MHO... and my experience with my son.