yay. summer vacation

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    I haven't been on for months; things with difficult child improved and life got in the way of me checking in.
    difficult child saw psychiatrist on Friday; I gave a glowing report of how well things have been going, very few complaints, etc. He was pleased and he asks if I think she needs in-home therapy anymore (we had been discussing it as an option but hadn't started it yet). I said no.
    Silly, stupid me. here we are, 7 days into summer vacation and I am already at my wits' end. difficult child doesn't do transitions well, so my optimistic side is saying this is just a rough patch, and as soon as she adjusts it'll be better. My pessimistic/realistic side is saying this is going to be one helluva miserable summer.
    I'm trying to structure her days so it's somewhat a reflection of the schedules of school, but she's so damned defiant I'm pulling my hair out. Several times throughout the day she reduces her sisters to tears. Several times I (and sometimes easy child 1) am called a b!tch, her favorite thing to call me.
    No matter what consequences we give for her misbehaviors, she doesn't care. It doesn't faze her.