YAY! The termite house next door SOLD!!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by gcvmom, May 15, 2009.

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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    And the exterminators are over there right now fixing and treating all the termite damaged areas -- and I showed them some that they didn't even know about! PLUS... looks like there's a bee swarm on THEIR side now... so I pointed that out as well (sheesh, I know more about that place than the previous owners!)

    The newly-damaged spot on my side is getting patched for free (I already treated it), thanks to the nice exterminator man :D

    I am so, so, so happy we finally get an owner in there who will actually LIVE there!!! Now maybe we can get the fence replaced and some of their jungle trimmed into submission! :tongue:
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    Hang on - you have chooks, don't you?

    Seriously - use your chooks to advantage. First, from our own experience, chooks LOVE to eat termites. We have not had a termite problem since we had chooks. Yes, we did have the occasional termite nest in the yard (an old dead stump, at one stage) but as soon as I showed it to them (even sooner, I think) the chooks were into that nest, ripping it to pieces and gobbling the termites. No termite tunnel had a chance to get established.

    Second, be careful about the use of pesticides around your chooks. Not only can it make them sick, but it can get into the eggs they lay.

    Third - I bet your chooks would LOVE to get stuck into that jungle. If you let them loose make sure they are safe from predators (especially dogs). The chicken tractor works well here, but our chooks tend to be free-ranging and will clean out most nasty weeds. They eat a lot, maknig what's left much easier to clean out. They also fertilise as they go. And if you rip out weeds, most of them can be used as bedding in the chookhouse and again what they don't eat will compost down.

    Win-win-win all round. Plus it makes good friends with the neighbours, saves them work (and expense) plus removes the eyesore and termite hazard from YOUR property.

    Alternatively - suggest the new neighbours buy some chooks.

    Good stuff.

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    You are making me want to buy some chickens. lol

    Glad the house sold and will be lived in. :D Now if we can extend that luck onto mother in law's house.........we'll be on a roll.