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  1. hearts and roses

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    Power? Check. Cable? Check. Phone? Check.

    We are very happy people here tonight! I came home from picking up laundry at my friends and H had the outside lights on and my first thought was, 'Hey, I didn't know those lights ran on the generat---' and turned into, 'OMG, we have power!!! Woot, woot!' yeah, I hollered out loud, I'm soooooo happy!

    We are happy people tonight! Yay! Had to share!
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    :bravo: :wine:

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    YAY!!!!!!!! Fabulous news!!
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    Remember to hug your dishwasher... now that you know how much you missed it.
    and the stove, and fridge, and...


    Its almost like getting home from 2 weeks of back-country camping!
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    Oh, what a joy it was to take a long hot shower, get in my clean jammies and settle in to watch Greys last night!