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    Hello all!!!! well, it's had begun on tuesday and so far so good!!!!! even at the aftercare program he is behaving and being his cute lovable self...(i think he is kissing butt since his bd is he was so anti hygiene over the summer, but every night he takes his shower and brushes his teeth with no arguing...he is even brushing his teeth every morning without a fight....and more good news...he lost 10 lbs with the low carb diet that the pediatrician. put the two boys on (ant lost 7 lbs) it broke my heart today...i called him when i went to the supermaket and i asked him if he wanted to bring in a snack to school to celebrate his birthday.he asked for cupcakes..when i said ok..he said "but i won't have one mommy"..i was so proud of him when he said little monkey has come home these past few days and i couldn't be if only the laundry fairy would be paradise
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    Yeaaaahhhh! I'm so happy for you! Sounds like it's been a great day and getting even better :smile:
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    yes it is for the idea...i'm looking at your sig. you have a 7 year old who acts like a teenager too!!! daughter is a rip..the things she says and does i have to turn my head so she doesn't see me laugh...also...howabout the "pms" ...i just said to bob earlier this afternoon when she was making her famous pout/frown face "wait til she gets pms" i shudder in fear just thinking about it lol
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    I like your avatar!

    My difficult child has three older brothers and and older sorta half brother that she sees when she visits her dad. (dad's girlfriend's son is the sorta half brother). They bug the heck out of her. They even gang up on her and try to wrestle.

    These girls will grow up and not take any lip from ANYONE. LOL!