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    I started a special needs scout troop. Tonight was our first meeting. One of the Cubs had a rough time and complained almost non-stop with some minor physical stuff (stopped feet, slapped the table, etc). His mom was ready to drop out of the troop. I convinced her to stay and try again. Her son seemed surprised that she wanted to leave, he said he liked it (lol). I walked her to the car and brainstormed some ideas to try and make it better for her son (we're going to have a 'meeting' with just two boys and then work him up to a full meeting of 6). She started to cry and said that I couldn't know what it was like to find someone who 'got it'. Immediately, all of you came to mind. Yes, I do know what it is like to find people who 'get it'.

    Thanks to all of you for letting me know that I wasn't alone so that I found the skills and the strength to reach out to her. The impact of this board goes far beyond the words we type here.
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    Aww that's so super cool!!

    I had a young mom in nursing class who's son we both were positive was autistic. I helped her get to the right docs to get him is diagnosis finally at the age of 8. Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) just like Travis, which didn't surprise me as they shared many of the same issues at about the same severity. She loved to unload about her son, then would apologize for bogging me down with her junk. I'd just smile and tell her that was ok, for the most part she was bringing back some fond memories for me. lol Once they're grown it's not so bad. (which gives her hope for when her son is grown too) She just didn't know how to stop talking once she found someone who "got" what she was talking about.

    Because of your experience, this little boy will having a positive experience. How awesome is that? woot!
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    Amen, sister! :bigsmile:

    All of us have helped someone here at one point or another, whether directly or indirectly, and whether we realize it or not, those ripples of influence and guidance will continue long after our days in the trenches here have ended.

    And whether we agree with someone or not, share the same philosophies and experiences or not, we all matter and we all have something to contribute.
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    It really does help to know you are not alone. I appreciate all I have received from you guys! I am very proud of you JJJ for doing something so great and glad you were able to help someone that needed the message we get here.
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    The collective wisdom I've found here has definitely helped me (and the kids) when I'm subbing.
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    This is wonderful, you're wonderful!
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    very moving. Playing it forward makes such a difference in the world!

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    This warmed my heart! You did such a wonderful thing and I know I'll carry a smile around all day!
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    YOU ARE SO AWESOME!!!!!!!! AND I will so many years???? Do you know how many of those children will go out into the world and NOW be able to say "Well yeah I was a scout.....and In Ms J3's troop we did this and that and I did THIS......" and what a life-changing experience it will be for them even IF right now they don't get it?

    YOU TOTALLY ROCK!!!!! Way To Go!!!! :congratualtions:
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    You are just awesome, JJJ.
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    This rocks!