Yesterday was a flashback to Fall 2007

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    On Tuesday, difficult child had his annual physical which included three shots; two in one arm and one in the other. He did very well receiving them and dealing with the pain/uncomfortableness of them all day. That night he went to bed but didn't say anything to me about his problem getting to sleep.

    At 5:30 on Wednesday morning, he ran into my room and said, "Mom, my head feels weird. I couldn't get to sleep last night." He sleeps on his side and with the shots on both arms couldn't get comfortable. The pressure laying on his sides, hurt his arms. I let him lay on my bed but within 10 minutes puppy started whining so he went back to his own bedroom. At 7:30, I found him back in my room. I went to find him some Motrin and by the time I brought it to him, he was throwing up. So, I gave him some crackers and waited awhile for the Motrin to give his tummy time to settle.

    I called the school to let them know that difficult child would be late; he did not get enough sleep last night and although he threw up I was sure that it was anxiety and not a contagious illness (not suppose to go to school within 24 hours of vomiting). I was going to let him sleep in and then take him into school.

    About 8:30/8:45, I asked difficult child to get dressed and we would go. I found him in his room quietly crying. He could not handle going to school. I told him that once we get going, he will feel better and that the teachers will know he is not feeling well and will not expect too much today. This is so much what we went through Fall of 2007. He seemed so vulnerable. But this time I knew what was going on. I knew his anxiety was trying to disable him and he had to overcome this.

    difficult child said he wanted to go back on medications. I reminded him that he felt like this because of lack of sleep. He has to make sure he gets the sleep he needs to prevent this. Also, when he does get like this, he can feel better by catching up on sleep which he will do that night.

    I tried to get him to school at 9:00 (math is from 9:00 - 10:00) but we didn't get there until closer to 9:30. He did feel better by the time we got to school. I was able to talk to his teacher and explain that he is very anxious and concerned about school work for the day. She said the students were given Tuesday and Wednesday to work on the assignment in class. I reminded her that difficult child was gone on Tuesday and arrived 1/2 hour into the class that day. I also told her that difficult child will need to get to bed early that night, I didn't know that he could get the math done that night. She said that she will give him until Tuesday to do the work.

    He got to bed by 8:30 Wednesday night and was up on his own about 7:00 am this morning. School ended up being closed today. The neighbor girl came over and they spent the day playing Wii, trying to make a batch of caramel rolls, making lunch, and building Legos. difficult child seems very tired tonight. I got him to do his math homework today by bribing him with a surprise I had picked up for him but hadn't given to him yet.

    He says he feels weird tonight, but a different kind of weird. I don't know what is up with that. I have him doing his Stress Eraser right now. I asked him earlier this evening if he still wanted to go back on medications and he said he didn't know. He just came out and said, "Mom, I am scared. I can't remember why you said I should do the Stress Eraser." I told him it was to help him relax and that Dr. W. suggested he start using it on a regular basis since we have it. He has a fear of forgetting things. It upsets him when he knows there is something he should know and can not remember. I also told him that he is tired tonight making it harder to remember what has been said.

    The school ski trip has been cancelled for tomorrow so he will have regular classes. He is still awake and needs to be sleeping right now. I may have to make another decision to let him be late for school again tomorrow if he needs to sleep in again. I don't want to make a habit of this but I think as long as it is tied into loosing sleep over his arms being sore, he will not try to be late on his own.
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    I really hope he gets to sleep and catches up on his sleep. Gets through this anxiety, without becoming too unstable.
    That is so scary for him and stressful for you.
    I really hate when K lets her head get to full of the chaos of anxiety. Well I guess she is not letting it per se. She does not like it, but it seems to kind of sneak up on her.
    I have a hard time with anxiety, especially if I let myself stay home for a couple days straight.
    If I think too much also, think with out doing, just to much random thinking.

    I have to keep me and K busy.
    Hugs to him and you
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    I am sorry he is having such a rough time. As for the forgetting, can you get him some special notepads (small ones?) to keep by his bed to write things down that he is afraid he won't remember?

    I used this technique for years - anything I was afraid I would forget the next day I wrote in a notepad by my bed. I also keep post-it notes in the bathrooms, kitchen, virtually everywhere so I can write things down - I have fibro fog and it really impairs memory sometimes. I learned this from my mom who suffers from the same fear of forgetting.

    let him know he isn't alone. I had this at a very early age, I can remember being about 8 and feeling that way. The notepads were how my mom helped me cope.

    Gentle hugs to both of you. I hope you can BOTH catch up on sleep.
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    My heart aches for him. Because my difficult child is very fearful, I can picture your difficult child all stressed and worried. I hope he gets the extra sleep and can calm down. Tell him we're all thinking good thoughts for him.:)
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    I hope he slept better last night and that he has a better day. I'm sorry he is struggling right now. I think you do a great job of talking him through things. Hugs.
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    Thank you!

    Susie, I will see if I can get him to use a notebook. He hates to write though so I am not sure if it will work. It is worth a try though.

    I got him up about 7:30/8:45. I think tonight he should be able to finish catching up on the sleep.

    He does seem to be a lot stronger today but still a tad tired.
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    Andy, I know he has anxiety, but how much of that is really a reaction from the shots? I would be worried. I always space immunizations out by a cpl of mo's apiece in case there's a reaction. I don't like them bundled.

    Well, at least he's got the weekend to recover, and, I hope, get back on a schedule. A notepad is a good idea, in regard to forgetting things.

    I hope this is just a temporary glitch.
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    He said the reason he couldn't sleep was because his arms hurt when he touched them, the pressure of laying on them. I think reaction from the shots would have been different and longer lasting. He was able to get going to school and felt better as we drove to school. I think if it was the shots themselves, he would not have improved by arriving at the school. Also, the doctor stated he would not get sick with these shots (yes, I do know that every shot can have a negative reaction so he still could get sick, just less likely than usual.)

    I do think lack of sleep can put him in this state. When we get super tired, things stop making sense and life becomes overwhelming. He was referring to his anxiety so to him, it did feel like his anxiety attacks. That is why he asked to go back on medications; he felt anxiety medications would help. He was also behaving like he did Fall of 2007 when he was starting to slide into his anxiety - the school refusal not because he was physically sick, but he just couldn't do school and did not know why.

    Now that he has almost caught up with sleep (always takes a few nights no matter how much sleep you get that first night of make up sleep), he is getting back to normal (the good normal).