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  1. Nikki88

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    So yesterday was the best day difficult child has had at school in a long time. So far so good on her medications, other then she is not making it to the bathroom in time since we started the rispadal on Friday. So her dr wants to see her back today, I hope this is just a fluke, because she seems to be responding really well to the medications!
  2. buddy

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    Maybe she has an infection or something that can be easily taken care of, I sure hope so. It really stinks when there is a physical reason that a medication that otherwise makes such a huge impact can't be used.

    thinking good thoughts for you.......
  3. Nikki88

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    Thanks :) That's what we are hoping for- not that I want to "hope" for her to be sick. But it was such a great feeling for her (and us) yesterday that she had a good day, so if the medications are helping and it seems like they are, I would hate for her to have to stop taking them. We finally have her calm enough that she can process what shes feeling and what's making her mad.
  4. InsaneCdn

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    Sometimes, there's ways of managing the side-effects. And yes that may mean more medications, but... it is not unusual to need a combination, for various reasons.
  5. Nikki88

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    I hope there is something that we can do, she goes in at 2- so will know something after that!
  6. InsaneCdn

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    How did it go?
  7. DDD

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    Fingers crossed. DDD