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    I tried to update my other thread to show it was updated and its just not working,'s a repeat/update. He was up and ready to go this morning, tho, despite having sworn he wasn't coming back to "that dumb school EVER". lol

    Sorry for the duplicate.

    The final report wasn't so great. He ended up throwing a chair in the classroom, among other things. He cursed several times (not his usual thing), kicked, spit, hit, etc. They saw it all.


    He did have good periods in between the bad. The SpEd teacher understands him. She saw him throw a fit that he was completely in control of, and later, watched him spew a string of 7 profanities that she feels was absolutely out of his control. She saw the principal work thru an episode with him and use joint compressions and says she saw him calm down. She gets it. She asked permission to modify the plan to give him some heavy work right off the bat in the morning (of course I said yes). They are involving the janitor, of all people! lol (its a small town - he's also the guy that fixed difficult child's go-cart!) difficult child will be helping him push the garbage cans around the school. We are taking his giant foam Occupational Therapist (OT) barrel in for them to use.

    He talked with the SpEd teacher about the "bad" teacher from his old school for a while today. Definitly some obstacles to overcome there, but they weren't daunted, thus far.

    He was hitting his para and the janitor had to help her get him into the self-contained room when I picked him up, and difficult child said he was leaving the school forever. What we all worried about with him having 3 para's instead of 1, we are now thinking is a good thing - having the 3 of them, they get a break. They said he is really intense.

    So he had good periods thru the day - they saw that he can do this. They also saw how much effort it takes to make it happen.

    And not for nothing, one of his paras said "is he like this at home? How do you do this?" I just told her she should see my house....
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    Even with all the difficulty on this day, it sounds like you have found a school that will work with you child. That is wonderful. I'm so glad that you are finding people to understand and not blame.:) I hope it keeps going this well.
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    Well, let's hope it gets better from here instead of worse for him. It sounds like they are trying hard- I like that they communicated with you half-way through the day and then followed up at the end of the day. That extra communication can go a long way. I think another advantage of having 3 paras is that should the relationship get sour with one, it won't only be that one opinion that the sd hears. I'm just thinking about the previous experience with the one teacher making comments and handling thingss poorly- it helps to have others working with him in the same capacity to say "we don't have that problem". Also, three heads are better than one- they can share ideas about what works best with him.
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    Sounds good. Sounds like progress. Excellant the heavy work part. That is what I am always glade to find new ideas. The janitor...there is a resource.
    My sons principle put together a running club after I mentioned that in my family running was the first line of defense for adhd. His eyes just lit up!
    Sweeping was another task that was slipped into the iep at one time. It was another activity that could be includes in the school so that my son was doing things to break up the long sits.
    but my favorite was the school that had ALL the classrooms with two doors. One into the school hall. and one to the playground. There the teachers had the kids get up and go out mulitple times through the day.
    You know, ulitmately COMMON SCENCE plays a big role in making the world work for everybody.
    The most important thing is to keep showing up and keep growing and learning.
    Words can make our children stronger and better people of good charactor.