Yikes!!! Woke to 30's Not ready...


Mom? What's a difficult child?
I am not ready for it to be THIS cold.... BBBBRRRRR!!! THey were calling for light snow in the Cascades, west of us...
I havn't got my poor plant ready!!!

It is COLD!!! WHINE!!! :beach: Happy Thoughts...

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We had a few days of rather chilly weather. Okay, lows in the lower 40's is a bit more than chilly. lol

But now we're back in the darn upper 80's and 90's. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif

I'm grateful we still have very cool nights.


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I saw the topic and thought you were complaining about reaching 30 yrs. of age.......ah......perspective......

I am ready for some cooler weather.....autumn is my favorite time of the year, especially now that I don't have school age children!!


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:rofl: When I read this I thought you meant you turned 30 today :rofl:

Now that I see you meant the weather...you have my sympathy :smile:


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LOL...I figured you meant temps when I saw the topic because I remembered where you live!

brrrr is right. I consider it cooler here today because its 70!


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I so want cooler! Can't believe I actually chose to move from one hot area to another. Can't wait til "winter" here! Layers of clothing I can handle but this sweating is getting on my nerves.


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I miss cooler weather, we get hot or humid or hot and humid.

I loved how beautiful Connecticut was during the fall. I love the south, but the north is just nicer to look at.

I miss snow too!
I;m jealous!!! Can't wait till winter. We are having cooler nights in the upper 50s, but I can't wait to use our gas fireplace. I just love autumn and winter; I just want us to have some REAL snow. I've lived in TN all my life, and until the late 90s, we always had 1-2 snowfalls per year that were 3+ inches. We even had a blizzard!! in 1993, which is extremely, extremely rare. I really believe in global warming because our weather has changed so dramatically, especially hotter summers and warmer winters.


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You are all welcome to have our Canadian winters. I hate snow and the cold weather. What I would do to move back to the States.


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I would beg, borrow, and steal for it to be 30 here before jan! I looooove the cold weather. Yea, I know, I need to move. :laugh:
Enjoy it for me!


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Well, for all of you who like the changes, come on over to Nebraska. :dance: On Saturday the high was 54 and I had my heat on. :nonono: Today it is nearing 90 and I'm debating between turning on the air conditioner or jumping in the pool. :beach:
I'd be happy if it would just be about 80 all year round. Don't ask for much, do I? :smile:


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> I consider it cooler here today because its 70! </div></div>

I'm with you, Janet. It was 58 degrees yesterday morning on my way into school. I had to wear a jacket!

I think it is time for some cold weather smileys.

The perfect morning:

Camping out, get up early, nice and chilly out but not freezing, not a cloud in the sky, get a cup of strong, hot coffee, scent of wood smoke and frying bacon, and watch the sun rise.


I have to say I prefer it cooler too.

The winters I spent in Georgia just weren't winter (having grown up in the midwest). I spent all winter taking trash out in shorts and I think I only cracked out my heavy winter coat once.

I love snow too.


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I too thought it was about you turning 30! As for the temps right now that would sound really good! It's going to be near 90 hear tomorrow and for Wisconsin in September that is HOT! It's the type of weather I love in the summer when I can go swimming.

Right now though I want nice, cool football weather temps. I think we may be a bit hot at the game on Saturday. Plus, I would love a couple of good hard freezes so the mosquitoes would be done!

I hope for you though that you get a warm up soon!


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Terryforvols</div><div class="ubbcode-body">We even had a blizzard!! in 1993, which is extremely, extremely rare.</div></div>

I remember that-we lived in northern Alabama at the time and we got a foot of snow. We couldn't get out for three days, and they finally used a road grader to clear the roads (they didn't have snow plows because they usually didn't need them). After that, a lot of towns did buy snow plows-and probably haven't used them since, lol.

I'm with those who don't like snow or cold weather. I'd like to skip winter altogether. I think we would be fine with just three seasons.


Mom? What's a difficult child?
I know well enough that I wouldn't get any sympathy for a turning 30 post!!! LOL I didn't have an ounce of sympathy for husband when he turned 30, he whined up and down... I am a whole 6 months older than him!!!

I love the snow and the cold... It was just a shock to wake to it SO cold... We have had a few October's where it snowed, which was kind of cool. I like having snow from November all the way through until March... gradual Fall and gradual Spring.

Our Burning Bush is on fire, so pretty. I just want to enjoy Fall a bit, before the extreme colds hit!!! Please.