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    Kids escape from psychiatric hospital- I'm wondering how this is going to end up. This summer, a kid in detention got caught with a handcuff key just before implementing an escape plan but what is worse- the nurse at the detention center had given him the key.

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    Was she sleeping with him, too? I wouldn't be surprised.
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    I wonder that, too, Witz- actually, I think several people around here do. She claimed that the boy told her he had gang friends on the outside who would get her if she didn't give him the key. That might have been true, but it sounds like a stretch to me- she had been working there several years and knew protocol- she never turned the kid in or told anyone she had given him the key. He was caught by other means. She was fire and charged with a misdemeanor.

    difficult child had just been released from there- they had screwed up his medication dosage a couple of times- given him half his lithium dosage. I politely brought this up to the nurse and the importance of him getting the accurate dose of lithium. She seemed very nice and understanding and assured me that she would make sure staff got it right in the future. Then, after I left, she told difficult child not to tell me about things like that in the future because it could get them in trouble. Pfft!