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    I came home from work early yesterday and found my son and 3 other kids who were under 18 and skipping school in my house. My son sees nothing wrong with this behavior. They left before the police got there. I feel like I am going to have to quit my job just to keep my home and property safe. I do not want to get charged with harboring truants. Venting
  2. Bunny

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    You did the right thing by calling the police. Do you know who the other kids were? Maybe a call to their parents to let them know where they were during the day might be called for.
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    Alarm systems, internet-streamed video monitoring, and other such solutions may be cheaper than quitting your job.
    Does your son have a key to the house, or are they breaking in?
    With this kind of behavior going on, he doesn't need a key. He can come home when you are home, and otherwise... he is "otherwise occupied"??