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    difficult child was at the playground with 3 kids from school. anyway one of them started calling him some pretty nasty names & he came home!!!!!!! Normally he'd throw a fit, scream, yell, & get violent. I'm so happy! The kid calling names has been diagnosis as ADHD & ODD so there have been quite a few fight between them. They still get to hang out because they have been friend for 3 or 4 years & he's actually the only kid willing to put up with difficult child for that long. Plus his parents understand when difficult child starts the fights. It's kind of nice to have a kid who's parents don't go off the deep end when difficult child does something awful.
  2. Wiped Out

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    It's great he handled it so well. :bravo:
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    Chalk one up to maturation and the ability to learn. Way To Go!!!
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    It is nice to have other parents who can relate and be understanding. I'm glad your difficult child has a friend with understanding parents..Way to go! Sounds like he is maturing. :thumbsup: