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    Have any of you tried yogurt cheese? It it super simple to make and is an awesome substitute for cream cheese or sour cream in dips, recipes, etc..... Plus it has a TON less fat! Yogurt has 3.4 grams of fat per 8 oz, sour cream has 47 grams fat per 8 oz and cream cheese has 64 grams of fat per 8 oz! So you can have a LOT more creamy goodness with yogurt cheese! I have not tried this with the greek yogurts, so I don't know how it would work with those. It also does not work well with the Yoplait Thick and Creamy yogurt because those have gelatin added to make them so thick.

    To make yogurt cheese you line a wire colander, sieve or strainer with a good paper towel or coffee filter. Put the strainer in a bowl and pour in a container or two of yogurt. Cover the strainer with plastic wrap and set it in the fridge overnight. In the morning take it out and put the contents of the strainer into a container. You can discard the liquid in the bowl.

    At this point you are done. You can add herbs, spices, powdered ranch dressing mix, almost anything to the yogurt cheese. it will make a great dip or spread. For most things, esp savory dips, use plain lowfat yogurt. You can use fruit or vanilla yogurt if you want a sweet dip or base. I have used vanilla yogurt cheese to make fruit pizza and it is wonderful. Just make a big sugar cookie and cool it. Spread the vanilla yogurt cheese on it and then arrange sliced fruit on top of it. You can add cinnamon to the cheese if you want. If you want to use less sugar, make the plain yogurt cheese and sweeten it with honey and add cinnamon for a great fruit dip.

    Have you ever had the fruit dip made with cream cheese and marshmallow fluff? You soften the cream cheese and fold in the fluff, then serve it with fruit. It was a big deal in teh bank I used to work at. I made it with vanilla yogurt cheese once and WOW! It was really amazing and much healthier than using cream cheese.

    I thought a healthy recipe might be nice after that brown sugar glazed bacon recipe!!

    What can you think of using this yogurt cheese for?
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    I think this new house and that spa are REALLY turning you into -------

    WAIT FOR IT............

    WAIT FOR IT.........


    DUCKS UGLY GLARE.......and grabs marshmallow fluff thrown at her.........YUM - I know one thing - Witz said bacon can be dipped in chocolate. And then we all can sit in your spa and eat it.
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    I have heard that name for decades, so nothing thrown at you!

    Bacon dipped in chocolat doesn't sound like my thing. I will take mine with brown sugar glaze.

    If you really want something to throw while we are in the hot tub, I cuold make some sponge balls. Just sponges cut into long skinny pieces and tied in in the center to make a ball.

    Or I could make some homemade bubble wands and bubble solution and we could blow bubbles while in the hot tub!
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    Ahhhhhhhhhh (quivers) I'm so there. I'm a leo but I think I was a mermaid in a former life. I LOVE the water. And I ADORE bubbles.
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    Sounds delish! We use fat free greek yogurt, and I will try doing this with it for a dip next week.
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    I've done this with fat free plain Greek yogurt and it indeed makes excellent replacement for sour cream and cream cheese.

    I make it into a sugar free and healthy fruit dip. It tastes like those sugar laden dips you can buy that I loathe. easy child's dad used to buy the individual ones and put them into her lunches if she went to school from his place. Yes it worked to get her eating fruit every day. But at a high cost. Those packaged ones were so unhealthy, sugar loaded and calorie loaded. Now I make this myself and easy child can take a small container full in her lunch and I could care less if she eats tons of it.

    I strain as you posted to do. Then I add fresh lemon (concentrate in a pinch. Works just as well). Then a small splash of vanilla to taste (and gives that caramel color). I add in Splenda brand brown sugar also to taste. Mix really well and I find having it sit overnight enhances flavor. It lasts well in the fridge. I put it back into the yogurt container. I've even caught easy child putting some in a bowl and adding in bananas chopped up or strawberries, and tossing in some low day granola and eating it in place of cereal erc for breakfast. Could do this in a parfait glass, layered and it would look gorgeous as a dessert that would be so healthy and fruit loaded but appears decadent.
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    For those who like greek yogurt - Sam's has a big container of it that is amazing in price - super cheap - and it is awesome. We have an ice cream/fast food place/grocery store chain called Braum's that sells a 32oz carton of frozen strawberries in syrup for $2.99 and this is amazing when added to the greek yogurt. it actually adds a LOT less sugar than the flavored kinds have even though the strawberries are in a sugar syrup.

    My guys cannot taste the difference between greek yogurt and sour cream on a potato - so we don't buy sour cream at all now.