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    Will have to put it in my appointment book to sit here and read posts. Wanted to let others know that you can fight the state and win.
    It has been a very rough month or so with different battles and issues coming up but the most important one to fight was the fact that my Daniel's insurance ran out this past Sunday at 12 am and the battle was still going on to get him on medicaid. I started the paperwork on Jan 25th. It wound up taking me and the approximately 20 people I got involved with it until this past Tues to get it approved. I had even called the Secretary of DCF's office.
    During all this I have been fighting with the school board to get alternative placement for David. The behavioral specialist has even gone to the school and spent time with David there. She has tried and tried to get his reg ed teacher and Special Education teacher to let her teach them how to work with David. Met a brick wall she did so there is a special meeting tomorrow and I have advised them of who I want there, if they are not there then NO MEETING.
    And my Dad (I am his only local child) was rushed to the hospital with CHF and it was found he had had a small heart attack. Thankfully he is now in a nursing home for rehab only 2 miles from me.
    While all this was going on I get a notice from the mortgage company that they want $22,011. by March 26th. Seems the HUD agency that was supposed to be working on mediation will not return their calls or mine. Think I have a suit against this agency but will check with an attorney. In the interim I have filed a complaint with HUD in Washington Difficult Child. written to the mortgage company and sent them copies of the letters that I wrote to HUD, to the agency and to Pres and Mrs Obama about the mess. All sent certified, return receipt. Do have contact with an investigative reporter for a big news station in the area the agency is in.....holding that card.
    David's tic is not going away but I am giving the medication change a chance to work.

    And then I woke to a leak in a very hard to reach area with the water shut off valve behind my 6 ft wooden fence in a weed filled alley. Got the area behind my fence cleared and bought the shut off tool and things I need to fix the pipe (stove has to be moved out and part of cabinet wall removed to get to it)...so tomorrow this almost 59 yr old disabled Mom will become a plumber but I will keep my pants pulled up.
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    Weeelllll then. Just another day on the funny farm I guess. (at least if you wear clean undies maybe it wont matter if the pants ride down a little....)

    Of all the things you mentioned.... the plumbing is amazing to me. YOU are doing it?? Just figuring out the outside shut off is good work in my book.

    You are such a crazy good mom to these boys. So glad you go the insurance thru, I have fought some crazy battles too with Q's m.a. and it can seem like they are all a bunch of lunatics. No one knows what the person in the next office is doing. Heck, in the same departments they can't track things down. It is crazy making.

    It amazes me always when you provide support to a school and they resist. I was no fool, if an expert, a student, a parent, a volunteer wanted to help me.... I TOOK THE HELP. For the type of thing you were offering, a specialist to help program for him....they should have sucked up all of the time and supportive ideas they could. It is just so stupid. I have lost nearly all my patience for this kind of crazy behavior. Stop being so defensive and do what is right for once.

    I hope your meeting goes well. I have one too. Lets check in and hope we can have parties together! (not buying balloons yet... very little hope at this time)
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    You are just an amazing mom!! I hope you are super proud of yourself because you handle way more than any one person should have to handdle and you do it awesomely.

    Plumbing can be fun. DON'T HIT ME!!! It is sort of like a real jigsaw puzzle but you get wet if you don't have the pieces fit together just right!!

    MAJOR tip - take photos of each step before you do the step. Then you can SEE how things went together when you want to be put them back together. This saved us a LOT of work and probably an injury when I did it a few years back as I changed out the well pump bladder. Also lay parts out in order of when you took them off. Have a separate area just for that and NOT for putting other things down or for anyone to scramble.
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    My fibro is SCREAMING dirty names at me as well as my back. Got the water shut off, the stove moved and cut through the drywall and realized that this sopper pipe was leaking in two spots and needed more then I could give it. Found this awesome plumber who came out right away, fixed both leaks and only charged me $88. Neighbor putting new drywall up for me.
    Had the IEP review for David....he will stay with the Special Education teacher until 12:30 or 1 each day and only be in the class with reg ed teacher until 2 pm. They will try this for two weeks only and see how it works. He will have opportunities to put himself in a time out if he is frustrated about something. They really want him to get a regular diploma but know that it will take alot of work on all our parts.
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    Whew! When it rains, it pours!

    So sorry about your dad. I'm glad he's okay now, and doing rehab. I assume he's on medications, too. Scary stuff.
    You are a GREAT advocate for David.
    I'm just sorry about the lack of retn'd ph calls from HUD. Go for it!
    So glad you worked out the plumbing problems and despite your fibro, you didn't have to deal with-a saggy pant b*typical teen crack, the Plumber's Calling Card. :) And so glad you finally got a regular plumber asap.