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    Here is a list off the Marine Moms site that I will be collecting over the next months to send over. No way am I asking any of you to send me all of these things...or any of But if anyone wants to collect a few things and send them my way then I would be grateful. If I get more than I need just for Jamie then we will share with other Marines.


    Letters from home.... And lots of them.
    Pictures from home.


    (Use trial size when available)

    A&D Ointment
    Avon Bug Gard
    Antifungal cream
    Foot powder
    Mach III razor refills or other type as requested
    Unscented baby wipes
    Bar soap
    Hand sanitizer
    Motrin, Tylenol, Excedrin, etc.
    Allergy medicine
    Face wash (like Clearasil)
    Eye drops for dry eyes
    Jock itch spray
    Throat lozenges
    Moleskin (pads for sore feet, Dr. Scholls type)
    Dr. Scholls shoe liners
    Gel boot insoles
    Dental floss
    Toothpaste (gel)
    Clear deodorant
    Waterless soap
    Paper toilet seat protectors
    Travel size toilet paper
    Toilet paper (remove cardboard and flatten roll)
    Vitamin C
    Cough drops
    Shaving creme in a tube


    Waterproof Matches
    Thick rubber gloves
    Flashlight with red lens
    Inova Tactical Lithium Microlight
    Maglite Mini-Light
    Duct tape -- Military green, tan, black or gray
    Electrical tape - Brown or green
    Handyman tool
    Swiss Army Knife
    Tactical Rifle Sling


    Thermal underwear for winter
    White socks (inexpensive ones)
    Nomex gloves
    1. Special Forces
    2. RS Tactical Gear
    3. Blackhawk Industries
    Soffee green PT shorts
    Cooling neck ties for summer
    Head wrap
    1. RS Tactical Gear


    Advisory - Seal any cans that have a pull-tab lid in ziploc bags and seal shut with tape before mailing. (Learned the hard way when the lid on a can of Chunky soup popped between home and Baghdad.)

    Chocolate should be sent during winter months only.

    Chewing gum (preferably sugar free)
    Breath mints
    Candy bars
    Gummie bears, Skittles, Etc.
    Single serving canned fruit
    Fruit leathers
    Easy Mac macaroni & cheese
    Ready to eat soup (such as "Chunky") with a pull tab top
    Hormel Chili
    Single serving pudding (may want to include plastic spoons)
    Mixed nuts
    Single serving cracker packs with cheese
    Single serving chip and dip packs
    Canned nacho cheese/salsa (must be canned or in a plastic bag)
    Snack crackers
    Pringles or other chips in sturdy containers
    Protein bars
    Poptarts, cereal bars, "milk & cereal" bars, granola bars
    Single serving sweet cereal boxes
    Tuna (preferably the tuna in an envelope rather than a can)
    Canned smoked salmon
    Dried soup mixes
    Dehydrated foods
    Beef jerky (NO PORK)
    Spice blends
    Condiment packets from fast food restaurants
    Bacon Bits (and anything that can be used to spruce up MRE's)
    Instant hot chocolate
    Instant flavored coffee mixes
    Presweetened drink mixes (Kool-Aid type)
    Russian tea mix (recipes available on internet)
    Tea bags
    Flavored coffee creamer
    Electrolyte Replacement Powder (for summer)
    1. Hydralyte
    2. Powerade
    3. Cytomax
    4. ElectroBlast
    Cakes in a Jar (Made and sent to Iraq with great success!) (Can also be made using any boxed cake mix)


    Crossword puzzle books
    Seek-A-Word books
    Brain teaser type games
    Playing cards
    Nerf type footballs or other throwing items
    Stress balls (hand-held soft balls)
    In summer, cheap hand-held fans - just for fun
    Magazines -- NO PORN


    International phone cards
    Writing paper
    Batteries (especially AA)
    Disposable cameras
    Padded envelopes to mail camera homes
    Ziploc bags (quart and gallon sizes)
    Sealable, disposable containers
    Clothesline with small clothespins
    Cheap sunglasses
    Camping pillows
    Bed sheets
    Flannel bed sheets for winter
    Thin blankets
    Inflatable air mattress (like those used in pools)
    Beach balls (can be used as pillows)
    Disposable foot/hand warmer packs for winter
    Plastic containers with lids
    Can opener
    Dryer fabric softener sheets
    Travel size Febreeze spray
    Laundromat sized laundry detergent
    Portable shower
    Collapsible water cup
    Pinup posters -not porn
    Stick-up air fresheners
    Rat traps
    Fly Paper
    Personal Mist Coolers


    Cigarettes, pref. Marlboros or Basics in the non menthol (Do not list on customs form)
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    Thanks for the list, Janet. I'll try to pick up something once a week as I can afford it.

    by the way, would this be a good list for Wynter to use if she were to start a collection like you mentioned?
  3. DammitJanet

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    Yes Heather...and thanks...but please dont put yourself out. You can sign up on many of the freebie sites too but make sure you get a throwaway email addy or you will get inundated with spam.
  4. flutterbee

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    I'm at the grocery store 2 or 3 times a week anyway. It's no bother.

    And this thing with Wynter really has me reeling. I need to focus on something else. I started researching my health stuff again, but I'm not in the right frame of mind and just diagnosis'd myself with about 36 different things so I need to stop that. :faint:

    This will give me something I feel I can make a difference in. I need that now. So, it's helping me, too.

    So, there. :tongue:
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    Janet, I could get some of these things. It would help me to spend a little energy thinking about someone other than difficult child's situation all the time.
  6. Star*

    Star* call 911


    The simple fact that I can GO to bed at night, and sleep safely IS HUGE.

    I know these people are over seas in hostile lands, getting shot at, dealing with sand, heat, cold, rain, bugs, sanitation issues, missing THEIR families lives -

    So gathering a few samples is nothing.

    We have a Marine corp at work we support - last year I bought -socks (what else?) They don't have access to washing machines, and wear them until the sand cuts their feet so badly they take them off and put on a new pair.

    If I had to walk in boots, in heat, with a full pack, I could do it - but if I had to do all the above with SAND in my SOCKS? I would croak.

    A neat Idea - We sent a SC state flag - and had everyone sign it in silver pen with inspirational messages. The kids LOVED it!
  7. meowbunny

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    Oddly enough, another BIG item is golf balls. I didn't know that many people liked the game but they seem to be very popular -- maybe it's all the sand over there?
  8. KTMom91

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    Janet, thank you for the list.
  9. susiestar

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    Thanks for the list. A lady here makes neck wraps that are soaked in water and then stay cool for several hours. they dry totally flat, then puff up and stay moist. Is this the neck wrap??


  10. DammitJanet

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    Susie...YES!!!! I am trying to find them here. They used to sell them in walmart but I havent been able to find them here lately. I figured I would be forced to sew my own which will be a disaster since I cant sew a button
  11. susiestar

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    Janet, I haven't seen them since the county fair. That will be in Sept. I don't think making them would be hard, I just don't know what is inside them! Do you??
  12. susiestar

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    check out this: child/viewCategories.asp?idCategory=4 child/viewCategories.asp?idCategory=3

    I think this is the top of the line one I saw, seems to be worth the price for a soldier. I will check others.

    These can be bought from many other sources, or made. The most important thing is using a top quality polymer instead of the walmart gardening polymer. A web search on "watersorb brand polymer granules" will give a lot of info. And if you have a relative who sews, this should be a breeze (pun intended).


  13. DammitJanet

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    Whats inside is those clear gel beads that you use to plant plants in...does that make sense? They sell it in the gardening part of walmart. They are little and hard when dry but turn into this jelly like substance when wet.