You can throw tomatoes at me if you want...

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by flutterbee, Aug 19, 2008.

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    I'm not picking on anyone in particular. It's just something I've noticed of late and it bothers me.

    Some of us have started to refer to our difficult child's friends, girlfriend's or boyfriend's in derogatory terms. I guess I just want to say that there are other parents, teachers, neighbors, etc that refer to OUR kiddos the same way. And we probably wouldn't like it.

    And if our kids or their friends, girlfriend's or boyfriend's heard it, they wouldn't like it either. It would probably hurt quite a bit.

    And even some of us adults on this board have had those same terms used against us as teenagers. Words linger for a long time.
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    I think you make a good point.
    My difficult child (I don't always use difficult child...I often say special needs child or daughter, etc.) has one ex friend that I refer to as "evil" difficult child. I am conflicted as to whether or not this is okay...probably not. My reason for this is because this girl likes to "stir" the pot (if you get my drift), shows no remorse for her behavior and lies constantly. She doesn't seem to have a redeeming quality. To make matters worse, both mom and dad are the same way. Even when my daughter frustrates me to no end, I can see her good heart and little bits of goodness/intelligence/hope here and there. This person is cold and calculating and she gives me the chills.

    Again...I think you make a good point and appreciate your comment. I do know I have had my moments (I try to keep the BRIEF) where I have felt despair knowing or suspecting others have ridiculed our child or our family due to her illness. There have been times these things were said verbally. Such things (when heard or read...would be very hard to be taken back).

    I will even do my best to refrain from making desparaging remarks about the above child...but as you know, no one is fully free from bias. It is helpful to be reminded to avoid saying hurtful things.
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    You mean I cant call my ex daughter in law the lying cheating scumbag she really is? LOL. Awww rats.

    I know what you mean though. I try really hard not to say anything mean...though my kids pretty much know what I think about everyone. Even Jamie said it was scary when he was the smarter of the two in his
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    I'm not talking about describing their behaviors or the such. I mean using words like 'loser', etc. Judgment type words...and especially when talking about kids.
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    Ok, so I'm alright calling MINE "the demons" right (just kidding! ;))

    I agree. I particularly hate hearing it because I'm constantly punishing Heckle Jeckle and Clyde for name calling!

    Excellent point!

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    I had my tomatoes all ready but I do agree! Just kidding about the tomatoes!
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    I threw the tomatoes away,they were mushy. I don't throw tomatoes anyway. they are icky. When someone makes a comment like this, to help us remember to be the great people our furbabies think we are, then I throw chocolate kisses! Cause you ahve a good point and are a sweetie!
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    Thanks for the timely reminder to keep this a safe place to land, Heather. :)