You hurt my fillings!

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    We did not have a very good evening... J tired, me with my mind full of something else: tempers were frayed and short. In the bath, he was splashing water over the side. I told him to stop (usually he would) but he just carried on - I shouted at him too fiercely. He started sobbing and put his fingers in his mouth, jabbing violently at his teeth, saying that they hurt HERE and HERE and HERE! Perplexed, I asked him what he meant. "YOU HURT MY FILLINGS!" he shouted with all the wounded outrage of five years old. I did try to explain, laughing, that his feelings were elsewhere but then it was his turn to look baffled.
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    Oh my goodness that is CUTE!
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    sooo cute!
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    However, this is positive proof that he may not always know what you're talking about even if it seems like a very obvious thing like feelings.
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    A serious side to this... it may be a function of his multilingualism, in which case he will catch up... but you might want to start researching Auditory Processing Disorders (APD) in all its various forms, and keep an eye out for it.

    These kinds of "minor" word mix-ups were something we dealt with, too... and nobody (including us) took it seriously, but it was a "flag" for... Auditory Processing Disorders (APD).
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    Oh good, IC - yet another condition that no-one around me will have heard of :)
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    That is one of those readers digest moments! ( a magazine here that has exerpts of articles many dr. offices etc...but they have sections that are for cute things kids say).

    SO precious.
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    How sweet.
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    Give that... 70% of kids with ADHD and a Learning Disability (LD) also have Auditory Processing Disorders (APD)... maybe it's lumped in with ADHD? The symptoms sure "look like" ADHD, anyway.

    Biggest thing to keep an eye on is whether he does significantly better "one-on-one" than in a group setting or where there is background noise.
    For example... there is a minorly recurrant theme in your posts, around bath time. The sound of water - running, splashing, etc. - is one of the most pervasive white noises... very hard to "listen through". Just tuck it in your brain and watch for it and play with it.
    APDs are not treated by medications, anyway. It's accommodations mostly, a personal FM system if you can get it. But even being able to explain to a teacher that the student doesn't always "catch" verbal instruction, and the need to follow-up with written, is a huge benefit.
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    I know "Reader's Digest". There was a British version... I used to read it as a child, all those lurid real-life dramas condensed into short stories, articles about people recovering from cancer and, yes, those "humorous" stories (most of them quite unfunny!) - one section was called "Life's Like That", I remember, and you got 100 pounds if they printed your story. I often used to contemplate making something funny up and sending it in :)
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